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Introducing the RightNow Spanish Conversation app, winner of the Tstore awards in the Language/Education category and selected as the best app in Mobile Awards. This patent-registered app is your ultimate tool for communicating with people in other countries. With interactive translation and high-quality pronunciations from native speakers, you can easily learn and practice conversations in a foreign language. The app includes 30,000 phrases in 12 categories, word conversion, interpretation function, and a today's expression widget. You can save favorite sentences, create question and answer lists, and communicate with others through dialog screens. The app also features voice playback sensor, voice search, and the ability to send messages in a foreign language. Say goodbye to outdated conversation books and download RightNow Conversation now for the best travel experience!

Features of the RightNow Spanish Conversation app:

- Interactive translation with native speaker pronunciation: Unlike text-to-speech technology, this app provides high-quality pronunciations from native speakers, making it easier to learn and communicate in a foreign language.

- A wide range of phrases in 12 categories: With a total of -000 phrases covering various categories and context-specific sentences, users can communicate effectively without the need for additional materials such as phrasebooks or dictionaries.

- Word conversion: Users can easily change a word within a sentence, allowing for flexibility and customization in conversations.

- Interpretation function: The app offers immediate interpretation through voice recognition, making it convenient for real-time communication with people from different countries.

- Today's expression widget and notification: Users can add a widget to their home screen to study expressions whenever they want. Additionally, daily conversation sentences are delivered to users as notifications at a set time.

- Additional features: The app also includes features like recent and favorite sentences, a question and answer list, dialog screens for exchanging questions and answers with others, phonetic transcription for Korean, Chinese, and Japanese, voice playback sensor for showing the screen to others, sending messages in foreign languages via email or text, and voice search for quick access to desired sentences.


The RightNow Spanish Conversation app is a comprehensive language-learning app that provides users with all the necessary tools to communicate comfortably in a foreign language. With interactive translations, high-quality pronunciations, and a vast library of phrases, users can enhance their language skills without the need for additional resources. The app's additional features like interpretation functions, customizable word conversions, and daily expression notifications further contribute to a seamless language-learning experience. By offering convenience and accessibility, the RightNow Spanish Conversation app is an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve their language skills and enhance their travel experience.



  • Very poor, initially downloaded in Chinese though I asked for spanish....then wouldn't let me try the app without paying for it....misleading and wrong!
    2024-06-11 08:55:32
  • Stupid. Would have gave zero stars if was an option. This is not a Spanish translator ... don't know what any of the language options but none were English or Spanish.
    2024-06-10 00:27:04