Мигрант Сервис: ишлаш ва яшаш

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Мигрант Сервис: ишлаш ва яшаш is the ultimate all-in-one digital platform for migrant workers in Russia. Streamline your official paperwork by registering your patent at migration centers, make advance payments for required fees, and smoothly navigate the bureaucratic process. Pay your taxes and conveniently store receipts on the app, ensuring that they are always at your fingertips. Clear notifications and easy-to-understand payment schedules will help you stay on top of your patent deadlines. Find the best job opportunities straight from employers, communicate directly with them through the app, and eliminate unnecessary intermediaries. Discover nearby specialized services and easily locate them on the map, ensuring a seamless living experience. Send money home without worrying about excessive fees or commissions. Refer friends to the app and receive bonuses and discounts. The app is available in Russian, Uzbek, and Tajik languages, catering to a diverse user base.

Features of Мигрант Сервис: ишлаш ва яшаш:

⭐️ All-in-one service for migrant workers in Russia: The app provides various digital services specifically designed for migrant workers in Russia, making it a one-stop solution for all their needs.

⭐️ Simplified registration process: Migrants can easily register at migration centers by pre-paying and avoiding long queues, saving them time and hassle.

⭐️ Convenient payment options: The app allows timely payment of fees, with the added convenience of storing receipts digitally, ensuring they are always accessible.

⭐️ Reminders and alerts: The app sends notifications to help users stay on track with payment schedules and not miss any important deadlines, facilitating a smooth process without any delays.

⭐️ Match with the best job opportunities: Migrant workers can find the most suitable job offers directly from employers, engage in communication, and apply without intermediaries, all free of charge.

⭐️ Specialized search and location mapping: The app provides an easy-to-use search feature to find work opportunities based on expertise and preferences, along with a map for finding jobs close to their residence.


Get the ultimate app for migrant workers in Russia! Мигрант Сервис: ишлаш ва яшаш offers a comprehensive set of digital services tailored to all your needs. With simplified registration, convenient payments, timely reminders, direct communication with employers, and specialized job search features, this app ensures you find the best work opportunities effortlessly. Download now and make your migrant journey in Russia seamless and hassle-free.