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Introducing ИноСМИ- the ultimate app for staying up-to-date with what the international media is saying about Russia. If you're curious about what the Polish are discussing, what the Swedes are debating, or what the Chinese think, you'll find it all here, in Russian! InoSMI specializes in translating the most intriguing and noteworthy articles from foreign media into Russian. But it's not just about Russia - we're also interested in what's happening in the world and why. With this app, you'll not only discover translated articles from the international press, but also have access to photo galleries, videos, and analytical content. Our user-friendly search system allows you to find articles of interest and filter materials by topic. You can even join the discussion by leaving comments on the articles. InoSMI - where everything that deserves translation can be found!

Features of ИноСМИ:

- Users can explore what different countries think, write, and discuss about Russia, including opinions from Poland, Sweden, and China.

- The app offers translations of the most interesting and notable articles, as well as access to photo galleries, videos, and analytical materials.

- It provides a convenient search system for users to find specific articles and filter materials based on their interests.

- Users can engage with the content by commenting on the articles and participating in discussions.

- The app offers an opportunity to expand one's knowledge without the need to learn a foreign language, as the articles are translated into Russian.


The ИноСМИ app allows users to read and explore translated articles from foreign media about a wide range of topics concerning Russia and the world. With its extensive content and features such as photo galleries, videos, and a search system, users can easily access and engage with the most interesting and notable materials. Whether one is curious about the perspectives of different countries or wants to stay informed about global affairs, InoSMI provides an accessible platform to satisfy these interests.



  • Не пойму как увеличить размер шрифта
    2024-06-15 10:04:03
  • Гуд, постоянно читаю. Большое спасибо вам.
    2024-06-15 03:26:41
  • Удобнее веб-версии. Нормально работает на CM13:)
    2024-06-14 17:16:26
  • У вас не всё в порядке с головой. Редакция заблокировала доступ к RSS, заблокировала доступ через из заграницы. Вы определитесь - вы хотите читателей или пожирателей рекламы? Ваши действия говорят о том, что вам НЕ нужны читатели. Кстати, вот это приложение у вас "гламурное" в плохом смысле. Вряд ли бы в трезвом уме редакция намеревалась клепать "глянец", но, видимо, всё-таки сошла с ума.
    2024-06-14 04:56:49
  • Буквы в конце абзацев пропадают иногда
    2024-06-13 23:21:20
  • Если бы разработчик сделал регулировку размера шрифта. Иногда пропадают последние буквы в конце абзаца, ну может это только у меня... ночной режим не помешал бы, ночью тяжело читать.
    2024-06-13 11:10:49