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Introducing the Global Webtoons app, where you can find a vast collection of webtoons in multiple languages across all genres. With daily updates and full episodes, you can either pick and read or binge-read entire series at once. Explore recommended themes and discover your taste in webtoons. Unlock new episodes by waiting for tickets, which will be re-issued when the scheduled time passes. Participate in various surprising events to win tickets and coupons. The app also offers a language select function, allowing you to read webtoons in different languages. Additionally, anyone can be a translator using the translate function within the app. For any assistance, customer service is available at [email protected]. The app requires certain access privileges such as camera for profile photo registration and notice for push service function. External storage permission is optional, allowing you to download episodes to your device. Rest assured, beyond the specified functions, the app will not collect or save any user information without consent. Click here to download the app now!

Features of this App:

- Provides webtoons in all genres and multiple languages.

- Daily updates and full episodes of webtoons.

- Recommended themes to help users find their taste.

- "Waiting for ticket" feature allows users to unlock new episodes after a certain waiting period.

- Various events to win tickets and coupons.

- Language select function available for reading webtoons in different languages.


This webtoon app offers a wide range of features to attract users. With its diverse collection of webtoons in different genres and languages, users can easily find something that matches their preferences. The daily updates and full episodes ensure that users have a constant supply of new content to enjoy. The "Waiting for ticket" feature adds an element of anticipation, encouraging users to keep coming back. Additionally, the app offers various events to win tickets and coupons, providing additional benefits to users. The language select function and translate feature make the app accessible to users around the world. Overall, this app provides an engaging and convenient platform for webtoon lovers to enjoy their favorite content.