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Never worry about a dead phone battery again with the revolutionary Power NOW. Power bank rental s. Introducing the first ever power bank rental service in Ukraine, Power NOW ensures that your smartphone never runs out of battery at the most inconvenient times. Simply download the app, browse the map to find the nearest station with power banks, and rent one by scanning the QR code. Return the power bank at any other station whenever you're finished. With Power NOW, you can stay connected to family, friends, and your favorite apps, never miss an important call, and even access your bank accounts on-the-go. Say goodbye to charger woes and hello to convenience with Power NOW!

Features of Power NOW. Power bank rental s:

❤️ Power bank rental service: This app allows users to rent power banks at various stations in Ukraine, ensuring that their smartphones never run out of battery at inconvenient times.

❤️ Map with power bank stations: The app provides a map that displays the locations of all the stations where users can rent power banks. This makes it easy for users to find the nearest station.

❤️ QR code scanning: To rent a power bank, users simply need to scan a QR code through the app. This quick and convenient process saves users time and effort.

❤️ Flexible return options: Users have the flexibility to return the rented power bank at any other station at their own convenience. This feature ensures that users can easily return the power bank without any hassle.

❤️ Time-based payment: The app charges users based on the duration of the rental. This means that users only pay for the exact time they use the power bank, making it a cost-effective solution.

❤️ Wide range of benefits: By using this app, users can avoid various inconveniences caused by a dead phone battery. They can stay connected with family and friends, access mobile applications, use messengers and social networks, navigate, take photos and videos, access bank accounts, email, and never miss important calls.


Power NOW. Power bank rental s provides a convenient solution for smartphone users in Ukraine to never worry about their phone battery running out. With its power bank rental service, map with station locations, easy QR code scanning, flexible return options, time-based payment system, and wide range of benefits, this app ensures that users can always stay connected and avoid the inconveniences of a dead phone battery. Download the app now and enjoy the peace of mind it brings.