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Introducing Kai Hua Roh, the ultimate comic magazine that combines humor and mental health. This popular app has been at the forefront in Thailand for over 40 years, delivering laughter to its readers. With over 60 talented writers, LaughSale offers a collection of fun and engaging stories that are guaranteed to bring joy to your day. Get access to a variety of content, including short stories, and enjoy a good laugh wherever you go. For only 29 Baht a month or 85 Baht for 3 months, you can unlock 12 books filled with hilarious content. Download the new digital version of LaughSale today and start laughing! Visit our official Facebook page at facebook.com/ookbee or follow us on LINE Official Account: OOKBEE for free books and daily promotions. We value your feedback, so feel free to reach out to us at member@ookbee.com or call us at 021872222 (press 2 during business hours). Thank you for choosing Ookbee!

Features of Kai Hua Roh:

- Comic Magazine: The app offers a comic magazine called "LaughSale" which focuses on humor and mental health. Users can enjoy funny and entertaining comic strips related to various topics.

- Famous Frontline Content: The app includes content from the famous frontline of Thailand. This ensures that users get access to high-quality and popular comic content that has been appreciated by a wide audience for a long time.

- Diverse Content: The app provides a wide range of content, including short stories along with the comic strips. This variety allows users to have an engaging and enjoyable reading experience.

- Affordable Pricing: The app offers different subscription plans at affordable prices. Users can choose a plan that suits their preferences and budget, with options like a 1-month plan for only 29 Baht or a 3-month plan for 85 Baht.

- Regular Updates: The app releases new content on a weekly basis. Users can expect a new book to start every week, ensuring that they always have fresh and exciting content to read.

- Customer Support: The app provides multiple channels for users to reach out for support. Users can contact the customer support team via email or phone, making it convenient to report problems or provide suggestions.


Kai Hua Roh is a comic magazine app that combines humor and mental health in an entertaining and engaging manner. With its famous frontline content, diverse range of stories, affordable pricing, regular updates, and dedicated customer support, the app offers a compelling reading experience for users. Download the app now to enjoy funny and relatable comic content that will bring a smile to your face.