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Welcome to the official mobile app of the Cleveland Browns, the ultimate destination for all things Browns! Get instant access to the latest news, stats, videos, and podcasts, keeping you informed and entertained wherever you go. With our app, you can stay connected with your favorite team and make your Android device a unique part of your Browns experience. Download now and never miss a beat! Note: This app includes Nielsen's proprietary measurement software, contributing to market research.

Features of Cleveland Browns:

- Latest Browns news: The app provides users with up-to-date news about the Cleveland Browns, including game updates, player injuries, and team announcements.

- Stats: Users can access detailed team and player statistics, including individual player performance, team rankings, and historical data.

- Videos: The app features a wide range of videos, including game highlights, player interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and press conferences.

- Podcasts: Users can listen to podcasts from Browns analysts, players, and coaches, providing insights and discussions about the team.

- Unique experience: The app allows users to personalize their experience by selecting their favorite players and receiving personalized notifications, creating a unique and tailored Browns experience.

- Market research: The app includes Nielsen's proprietary measurement software, contributing to market research. Users have the option to opt-out of this feature if they prefer not to participate.

In conclusion, the Cleveland Browns app offers fans a comprehensive and personalized experience. With features like the latest news, detailed statistics, videos, podcasts, and the ability to customize notifications, users can stay connected with the team and their favorite players. Additionally, the inclusion of market research software provides insights into user demographics and preferences. Overall, the app is designed to enhance the Browns experience and attract fans to download and engage with it.



  • I can listen to the games on a station, get play updates and news.
    2024-04-03 09:44:44
  • not a good app. broadcast does skip and never consistent. sometimes radio button is not even visible. today it would never connect. just because we're browns fans doesn't mean you have to treat us that way.
    2024-04-03 07:11:16
  • So far so good but I can't find the seating on here
    2024-04-03 00:37:20
  • I don't know what intern you had design this app but having a person sign into multiple accounts to get a ticket on their Browns app could be the most insane thing I've ever heard of. It was cumbersome and hard to deal with and would make me less likely to come and visit the stadium again because it was such a pain in the neck.
    2024-04-02 19:58:41
  • This app sending error notifications every 30 mins (after i clear it) on my phone when im not using it reminding me to turn on my mic is about to make me delete this app! I dont want it on, and i surely don't want it on when im not using the app!
    2024-04-02 12:40:35
  • Worst app ever. Radio broadcast constantly stops every few minutes
    2024-04-02 08:41:52