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Bibabo is a user-friendly and comprehensive Vietnamese application designed for modern women during motherhood. The app covers various aspects of pregnancy, childbirth, parenting, self-care, and family. With over 1,000 articles written by Bibabo, users can find useful tools such as the Election Assistant to track fetal development, the Neonatal Assistant to monitor the health of children under one year old, the Menstrual Schedule to track menstrual cycles and reproductive health, and many more features like BMI tracking and online learning with experts. The app also boasts the largest community about childhood and family, where users can ask questions, share experiences, and join knowledge-sharing groups. Bibabo ensures trust and convenience with its online shop, offering diverse and reputable products and services certified by a team of experts and doctors, all with 24-hour delivery and excellent after-sales service. Download Bibabo now to access a wealth of valuable information and support throughout your motherhood journey! For user support, you can contact them via phone at 0462926092, email at, visit their fan page at, or check out their website at

Features of Bibabo - An Tâm Làm Mẹ:

- Pregnancy and Childbirth Resources: Bibabo provides over 1000 articles on topics such as pregnancy, caring for babies under 1 year of age, and contraceptives. These articles serve as useful tools for users, providing valuable information and tips on various aspects of pregnancy and childbirth.

- Special Use of Us: This feature includes several sub-features that enhance the user experience. The Election Assistant allows users to track the daily development of their fetus and receive reminders about important issues during pregnancy. The Neonatal Assistant helps monitor the health of a user's child and offers valuable knowledge on raising children under 1 year old. The Menstrual Schedule feature helps users keep track of their menstrual cycle and reproductive health, enabling them to predict their ovulation day and increase conception rates or choose safe contraceptives. Other features include BMI tracking, the ability to ask doctors questions, online learning with experts, and access to the largest community about childhood and family.

- The Largest Community about Childhood and Family: With over 1000 members, this app provides a platform for users to share experiences and ask questions on various topics related to health, education, family, and life. There are knowledge-sharing groups for specific topics such as having children, getting pregnant, breastfeeding, and early education. Users can also participate in group meetings, entertainment, and make friends with others who have children born in the same month.

- Trusted Online Shop: Bibabo offers a diverse range of products and services that are certified by a team of experts and doctors. With a community of 1000 wise parents, Bibabo ensures that its products and services are of high quality. Additionally, the app provides a policy for 24-hour delivery, as well as consulting, warranty, and return services, making it a trusted online shop for users.

- Easy Contact and Support: The app provides multiple channels for users to seek support. Users can contact the support team via telephone or email. The app also has an active fan page on Facebook and a website where users can find additional information and assistance.

In conclusion, Bibabo is a comprehensive and user-friendly app that meets the needs of modern women during motherhood. With its extensive collection of articles, community support, online shop, and easy access for support, Bibabo offers a valuable resource for women seeking guidance and information during this important phase of their lives.