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Rapid City Journal was formerly known as “Black Hills Journal” and now it is commonly known as “Rapid City Daily Journal” but actually it is called “Rapid City Journal”. It is a reliable source of information for the inhabitants of Dakota. Dakota is actually located in North America.
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They are the native Americans and First Nations band government in Northern parts of America. Most people in this area are a part of the tribe and read the Rapid City Journal. Rapid City Journal is the 2nd largest newspaper in Dakota. This newspaper contains all the information related to the local area and some information about important international issues. Rapid City Journal has various sections for different kinds of news. Some of the sections are entertainment, sports, opinion, and lifestyles, etc.

The term “Rapid City Journal”

“Rapid City Journal” is evident from the name that this term is referring to some newspapers. If we do an analysis of these terms. We will come to know that the word “rapid” means fast, speedy or accelerated then we come to the word “city” which is a generally understood term no need to explain it and the last but not the least is “journal”.


Journal is an old french word which means “daily”, this term used to refer to the daily record of activities but now this term has evolved and it is used for record-keeping of various activities regardless of time.

As we have understood all of these things, now we can easily perceive the idea that this term refers to a newspaper. “Rapid City Journal” is a newspaper of  Black Hills Area. Rapid City Journal is a morning newspaper and it is distributed in Western South Dakota.

Sturgis Rally Daily and Compass E-edition

Sturgis Rally Daily and Compass are the newspaper that is also published by Rapid City Journal. These are the two supplementary sections of the Rapid City Journal to incorporate some specific information.

During annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Rapid City Journal publishes Sturgis Rally Daily.

This special edition cover information related to the rally stuff. It provides people with valuable information regarding the rally. People are enlightened with this newspaper with the fascinating event of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

Compass is a weekly newspaper that mostly covers information for tourism and entertainment news. Tourists can get information related to any tourist spot or information regarding any matter for tourists who are answered in this newspaper. Entertainment news also attracts a large number of readers.

Rapid City Journal was first published with the name Black Hills Journal on January 5, 1878, and later changed its name to Rapid City Journal on February 2, 1886. “Joseph P. Gossage” was its first publisher. The first edition of City Journal had four pages and 250 subscribers. Currently, it has 16 pages in the daily publication. Rapid City Journal continued its publication as both weekly and daily newspapers until 1929. Due to its long history, it has covered some unforgettable events of Dakota’s history. Some of these include 1972 Black Hills Flood, Annual Buffalo Roundup and Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

Two weekly newspapers are also published by Rapid City Journal Media Group. “Chadron Record” and “Hot Spring Stars” are those two weekly newspapers and Nathan Thompson is the editor of both these weekly publications.

Rapid City Journal Media is owned by “Lee Enterprises”. Publisher of Rapid City Journal is “Matthew Tranquil” and its editor is “Kent Bush”. 

The platform of a Great Portfolio

  • Rapid City Journal Media group is also a great opportunity to accelerate your career with a great portfolio. They usually have a vacancy for different departments. Their pleasant and hardworking environment polishes your skillset.
  • The recruitment process is rigorous and the perfect one gets selected for the perfect job. Their selection process is purely based on the competency of the applicant. They offer excellent packages to their employees. Medical, dental, sick leave, vacation, vision, life, long and short term plans are also included in the package they provide to their workers.
  • Before beginning employment, each applicant must pass a post-offer drug screening test and also a background check. Due to their high standard selection, they have maintained the quality standard of their newspaper. Company employees’ size ranges from 201 to 500. Rapid City Journal Media Group headquarters is located in Rapid City, South Dakota. 

Rapid City Journal Reviews

  • Rapid City Journal is a good newspaper. It provides the user with different kinds of information. It contains both local and international news. News ranges from the field of entertainment to lifestyle. People like the way news presented in the Rapid City Journal.
  • The language used in the newspaper is well articulated and formal. The reader gets attracted to the stylish yet simple and formal language of news. The main page mostly contains important news of both local and international matters.
  • The newspaper also contains some advertisements. These advertisements are placed beautifully in the newspaper and do not irritate the reader due to its placement. It is important to note here that advertisement does not irritate the reader but they are still noticeable.
  • Almost all news necessary for Rapid City is covered in it. Readers of Rapid City Journal are very much satisfied with this newspaper that’s the reason for its success. Due to its authentic news, Rapid City Journal has grown by leaps and bounds through all those years.

Rapid City Journal E-edition 2020

  • E-Edition of the newspaper is also available. This newspaper is running for more than 130 years which itself is proof of its excellency and the trust that people have in this newspaper. Rapid City Journal reaches 76 percent of the adults in their target market, which is indeed a great success for any newspaper.
  • Rapid City  Journal Two cents is also a really good option for the people to express their views regarding any local news in two sentences. Most people love this feature and are using to express their point of view regarding any problem or thing that they think important.
  • Rapid City Journal’s android application is also really helpful and its interface is very user-friendly. There is a need for some improvements in the app after the last update but overall experience of the application is really good. One of the edge points of this newspaper is it’s subscription plans. They offer a wide range of subscription plans ranging from Digital Basic to Platinum. Different subscription plans have different pricing. Any user can choose any plan according to its financial conditions.

Rapid City Journal Sports

As mentioned earlier Rapid City Journal covers almost all news ranging from different sectors of life. Similarly, it also has news about sports. Different national and international sports news is mentioned in the newspaper. Section “B” usually contains news related to sports. Basketball is really popular in Dakota that’s why any important news regarding basketball is mostly mentioned in the newspaper. Sports news mostly covers news related to basketball, snow hockey, and rugby, etc.

Rapid City Journal Classified

Almost every newspaper has a classified page. The main source of income for any newspaper is actually classified section. In the same way, Rapid City Journal also has classified pages. Which contains different local advertisements.


Rapid City Journal Subscription

There is a different kind of subscription plan offered by Rapid City Journal Media Group for their newspaper. There is a subscription in which there is both printed and digital products are available along with home delivery. Only digital product subscriptions are also available. Subscriptions plans offered by them include Digital Basic, Digital Plus, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Digital Basic is only for students and educators and starts from 5$ per month. This subscription can be canceled anytime. The package also includes unlimited articles on rapidcityjournal.com with no surveys and also FREE Access to Newspapers.com archives (last 2 years).

Digital Plus’s actual price starts from 9$ per month but with bundle up-sale, they are offering their services for 3$ for 3 months. It can be canceled anytime. Digital Plus services include FREE Access to Newspapers.com archives (last 2 years), PLUS: upgrade to COMPLETE access to our archives at an exclusive, members-only rate of $1.11/week!, includes E-Edition Replica of Newspaper, unlimited articles on rapidcityjournal.com with no surveys when you log in. You will also get a FREE gift subscription to share with a friend.

The silver plan is starting at 32$ per month. It can be canceled at any time. Silver plan services include convenient home delivery of the Rapid City Journal Media Group, unlimited access to standard E-Edition, unlimited articles on rapidcityjournal.com with no surveys, exclusive members-only discounts on travel, tickets and more also FREE Access to Newspapers.com archives (last 2 years), plus exclusive discounts.

The Gold plan is starting at 42$ per month. It can be canceled at any time. Its services include convenient home delivery of the Rapid City Journal Media Group, unlimited access to standard E-Edition, unlimited articles on rapidcityjournal.com with no surveys, 50% OFF classified ads on select categories, exclusive members-only discounts on travel, tickets and more, FREE Access to Newspapers.com archives (last 2 years), plus exclusive discounts.

The Platinum plan is starting at 52$ per month. It can be canceled at any time. Its services include convenient home delivery of the Rapid City Journal Media Group, unlimited access to standard E-Edition, unlimited articles on rapidcityjournal.com with no surveys and faster browsing experience,  Unlimited access to E-Edition and E-Edition PLUS with enhanced digital news content, 50% OFF classified ads on select categories, exclusive members-only discounts on travel, tickets and more, FREE Access to Newspapers.com archives (last 2 years), plus exclusive discounts.

Rapid City Journal Facebook

In this technological world, everything is connected through the internet. For any company to grow and flourish they should do digital marketing in order to survive among its competitors. In the same way, Rapid City Journal also has a Facebook page. Which is a medium of digital marketing and an information hub regarding queries for the newspaper readers? Rapid City Journal Facebook Page Link: https://www.facebook.com/RCJournal/.

Rapid City Journal Archives

Rapid City Journal is an old newspaper. It started in January 1878. For more than 130 years it has operated and published regularly. It has covered much important news and major historical events in the area. It’s archived contain all those essential newspaper which depict some important part of history. These archives are provided by Rapid City News Journal Media with different plans and pricing. Some of these are also discussed above.

Rapid City Journal Two cents

Rapid City Journal offers you an opportunity to send a two cents submission! Submissions can be a thought or review, comment of someone on local news. It can also be a small note on some community event or critic on something that is getting popular in the local area or simply something you’d like to share with your fellow citizens. Email your thoughts in two sentences to [email protected].

Rapid City Journal Weather

Rapid City Journal also contains the weather update of the area. Weather plays a significant role in the daily life of a person. Harsh weather can make you cancel your plans and sit at home and pleasant weather can pursue you to make a picnic plan and go out.

Rapid City Journal Media Group understands this problem that’s why they have also included weather news in their newspaper. Weather news provided by Rapid City Journal is very accurate and helps people in managing their routine keeping weather updates in mind.

They provide a news update for the next seven days. They also show an hourly weather update. Their weather update not only includes temperature reading but also information related to wind speed and precipitation of rain. This helps readers in knowing the weather situations and can schedule their tasks accordingly.

Rapid City Journal Mobile App

Every media group has tried to keep pace with technological advancement. As the world of the internet grew every business created its official website, Facebook page, twitter account, Instagram account and also an app. In the early age of the internet, people used to make websites only for their businesses but as this rampant technology has grown and with the advancement of smartphones “Applications of smartphones” have become common.

Almost every media group or business has an application regarding their product the same is the case with the Rapid City Journal. They also have an android app for their users. The application can be searched in the search bar of the android app store by typing “Rapid City Journal”.The app falls under the category of “news and magazines” and is published by “Lee Enterprises”.It is a really reliable app and contains advertisements.

Mostly the advertisement it contains is google adds. It is compatible with all android devices. It is rated by 256 users. Rating given by the users after using this application is generally good. This application contains three and a half stars in its rating which means it’s overall rating is 3.5. Most users are satisfied with this app. Some of the user reviews are given below:

A user of this app Regis Martel said,

“Good way to know what’s going on here in town and while in an extremely politically polarized state surprisingly independent. Get this app now! ;)”

Another user Kadie Bhtohb said,

“Absolutely do not like the changes from the last update. Hardly ever keeps up with the latest news, don’t like the layout, tells me “no content” when looking in different articles. Booo”

These are the mixed kind of reviews that users of this application have but as a whole, it is a good news app.

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