What is it that Artificial Intelligence Still Cannot Accomplish?

What is it that Artificial Intelligence Still Cannot Accomplish?

Computers were initially made for calculations and to share human workload, but with the passage of time, technological advancements made them a crucial part of work and personal lives. The internet played an important role in bringing the machines to the pedestal and today we all have a mini-computer in our hands, with internet connections that connect us to the digital globe.

Information lies at our fingertips and we can do whatever we want by just a simple touch. However, there are still a few things that computers or the world of Artificial Intelligence cannot accomplish since machines also have limitations. While you may think computers can do anything you can possibly imagine, here is a list of things they cannot. 


With all these capabilities and powers, Artificial Intelligence has given to mere machines, they still need someone to run programs, give commands, operate, maintain and regulate those programs, so that the machine could work accordingly and effectively. Still, it relies on a highly skilled labor force to do so, and despite all the intelligence, it still can’t regulate itself.

Inability to Invent

Despite having all the abilities to gather, trace, and analyze human data and information, Artificial Intelligence still cannot invent any new gadget or machinery on its own. Since it lacks the ability that enables it to think out of the box, which is not only specific to humans, any innovation require some extent of human interaction in the process. Thus, the advent of new gadgetry and innovation still depends on human involvement.

Inability to Answer Everything

Artificial Intelligence works with numbers, logical calculations, and algorithms. Of course, this is why it cannot come up with answers other than calculations. Mapping out solutions for pre-defined problems is more than what Artificial Intelligence still needs to be capable of. As a result, everyday decisions that require human intuition and moral perspectives still cannot be made by an artificially intelligent machine.

Inability to Answer the Questions of the Universe

Artificial Intelligence is also incapable of understanding the randomness of the Universe and the mode of work of its particles because the particles that make up the Universe do not have any hidden variables to control them.

Thus, it cannot predict how they would behave in a scenario where there are limitless unknown variables and an almost infinite number of possibilities. It is safe to say though that these questions will most likely be answered with the passage of time itself.

Dependency on Data

Artificial Intelligence doesn’t work accurately if the data is of poor quality or is improper. Inconsistency of data makes it difficult for artificial intelligence to draw logical conclusions from it. Therefore, outsourcing of better data is required.

There is no other way of integrating knowledge into a machine unlike humans who have the learning process, therefore, it only learns from given data and data utilization itself becomes a great hindrance to it.

Inability to Create Works of Art

Computers and their man-made intelligence have outsmarted man himself, examples of which can be seen when computers themselves generate digital content for advertisement and display small score reports at sports.

However, despite all its fancy and mind-boggling capabilities, an AI machine is still not capable of painting original masterpieces, compose symphonies, or produce intricate fictional storylines. All these are only brought to life by humans who are capable of imagination and emotions.

Lack of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is something that AI has still not been able to accomplish. However, AI professionals are working day and night to overcome this specific obstacle. Even though artificially intelligent machines are able to detect human emotions to some extent by identifying voice patterns and facial expressions, they still lack the ability to console or provide any emotionally appropriate solutions.

Lack of Strategic Approach

Another thing that AI still lacks is the ability to develop strategies. They cannot answer your queries regarding business development goals, nor can they direct you towards a better action plan for your company, which is on the verge of bankruptcy, for example.

One can simply not make a machine understand cultural norms and ethical boundaries of a company, nor can one make it understand the culture of an area where the company is operating and the product is being used.

Being Human

Despite all their abilities to reduce the workload of humans, making calculations, drawing inferences and bringing solutions, they lack the compassion that makes humanity the most superior being on the planet. This is an area where Artificial Intelligence is destined to come short no matter how far it advances.

A Few Final Words

There is always room for improvement for humans and machines both, and technological geniuses are tirelessly working for the improvement of the future of the world. The future might bring to light new areas of possibilities in Artificial Intelligence, but for now, it seems completely impossible for it to overcome these shortcomings and compete against humans.


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