What is Wordpress?

What is Wordpress?

What is Wordpress?

We are living in the era of the internet. The Internet has provided information to everyone at very ease. Any person can know about anything of the world from the comfort of his hand. This is the power that the internet has given to a normal person. All information that is available on the internet is in the form of websites. Wordpress is the most famous platform for building a website.

Website building took a surge in the last few decades as the internet was introduced to the world. Websites of almost everything were made in the last few years. Whether it’s educational institutions or government institutions almost everyone has their own websites now. Now, the websites are not only restricted to any business or institutes even people have their websites about their personality.

Most of the websites that we see today are based on the WordPress platform. This is the most reliable and easy to use the platform if you want to make any website. As the business of website making grew the demand of websites developers also grew. Now, there is a huge number of WordPress website developers present around the globe. Here, we want to clarify one thing that Wordpress developers are different from the Magento developer. For Wordpress platform, you need Wordpress expert and for platform like Magento, you can hire Magento developer.

Features of Wordpress:

Till now, we all know that WordPress is a tool to make any application but why this tool is most famous for building an application? Whenever you heard of building a website. The first thing that you will find on the internet is WordPress. This is because it offers a lot of features to its users. This is the reason that it has so great number of users around the world. There are many important features that it posses but here we are discussing the three most important that make WordPress different from others.

  • Simplicity:

The first feature of WordPress is it’s simplicity this is one of the main features of WordPress. It is very simple to use. Instructions are properly explained for all kinds of people. If any person is not from a technical or IT background he or she can still make a website using a WordPress. There is no hard and fast rule for anything there and no need for rigorous programming on WordPress.

  • .Multiple options:

 There are multiple options available on WordPress for almost everything. Editor tool is there is you want to write any document and can edit in the same manner as Microsoft word or google word edits. A quick edit option is there to edit any post. The draft can be used to save anything and publish it later with just the simple button of publish.

  • Liberty:

Wordpress comes with a lot of liberty. It has the license of free use meaning that you can use it for modifying anything or editing anything or can use it any way possible for you. So, we can say that WordPress comes with freedom and gives you the freedom to use it in your way possible.

Wordpress Tutorials:

Learning something at this age of technology is not difficult. Most of the material is already available on the internet. If we say that almost all information regarding anything is there on the internet then it’s not lying. Because on the internet you can find any information. Most of the people get skill online. The same is the case with those people who want to learn WordPress online. Due to the popularity of WordPress, it is also though as courses in some institutions of the world.

However, the internet is full of WordPress content. Each topic of WordPress is explained by people in much detail on the internet. Paid and free both courses are available. You can find quality content is free but it will take some time for you to find the best one. Learning actually depends on practice the more you learn.

Updates are a necessary part of technology and technology keeps itself updating every second. So, if you learn something then you must keep in touch with it by practicing it. It may possible that things may change after some time if you don’t keep yourself in contact with it. 

Wordpress Themes:

Wordpress has a lot of built-in things that make it easy for everyone to simply drag and drop and create a professional website. One thing that helps a lot in doing this task is the WordPress theme. Wordpress themes are actually built-in design in it. 

There is numerous theme in WordPress related to all types of things. If a user wants to make a website for a store then it has that theme that gives it a retail store look. If a user wants to make a blog through WordPress then it also gives a theme for bloggers. That allows it’s the user to read in a cherished way.

The different theme has different designs and style. The Colour scheme ranges from light to dark and also contains cool and warms colors. Some of these themes are free. On the other hand, some of these themes are paid. A user can apply different themes according to their needs. This is the cool point that WordPress comes with it gives you the freedom to apply multiple things within simple steps.

Wordpress Templates:

 As there are numerous themes options in WordPress, in the same manner, there are also different templates options available in WordPress. The template is different from that theme. The theme is actually the whole design of the website. With the whole website, we mean all the pages and entities of the website. However, the template is just the design of a simple page.

As the website can contain many pages that are where a template comes to play. A user can apply different templates on different pages according to his desire. Various templates according to themes are also available.

Templates can also be called a subset of WordPress. As we have mentioned earlier that WordPress themes are paid and free the same goes for templates. They are also available in both cases free and paid. A user can determine according to his need that whether he needs the free or paid template.

Wordpress Plugins:

Wordpress plugins are also an influential and exciting feature of WordPress. If we define plugin we can summarize it by saying that it is a piece of software or small software that comes with some useful functions that provide some services. 

There are different types of plugins available on Wordpress. Different plugins can be installed at easy steps in WordPress. Many plugins are paid and some of them are free. Plugins are really helpful in increasing the functionality of the website.

Different types of websites require different types of plugins. For example, there are a few plugins that are very essentials for business sites.

Wordpress Blogs:

Blogging is a thing that is much popular among the netizen. One new field that has grown much more than anything in this world after the advent of the internet is blogging. Some people do blogging just as a hobby. Some may do it as a source to deliver information while others are doing in order to earn some money from it.

As there is demand and need for blogging to deliver more and more information to users there is also a need for a platform for bloggers. Wordpress also fulfills this requirement and they provide bloggers with a platform to build their blogs.

If anyone of you is a blogger and looking to build his own website then WordPress will not be a bad option to consider.

Wordpress SEO:

SEO is among the hottest topic on the internet today. SEO means search engine optimization. Anyone who is making a website will like to reach more and more people. In order to show your website to more people on the internet, SEO is one of the organic ways of traffic.

Wordpress is also very helpful in this regard. As there are different options and suggestions for you to make your content SEO optimized. There are different WordPress plugin that is specially designed for SEO purpose one of those is Rank Math SEO. 

Such plugins help the content creator to manage their content in a way that it becomes SEO optimized and such plugins are really helpful for on-page SEO.


We have described some of the main features and points that were important to mention to give the newbie an idea about WordPress.Indeed WordPress is really simple and easy to use tool that comes with a lot of variety. 

Moreover, there is huge information that is already available on the internet about it. Making a website is also a very important skill nowadays. If anyone wants to learn this skill in order to make money then he can do good business. 

In order to conclude, it is worthy to mention here that WordPress caters to the need of almost every type of user. You can pick and use anything from WordPress that suits you. It is totally dependent on you because the more you learn it easier it will be for you.

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