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How to Make a Video More Persuasive

X Tips for Making a Persuasive Video

By now, most of us realize that video is one of the best communication mediums we have. Because you’re capable of streaming information in multiple ways, including both visually and through audio, you’re afforded much more creative flexibility and you can engage audiences in more direct ways. That’s why, even though video production can be expensive, video marketing is one of the best marketing and advertising strategies today.

That said, if you want your video to be effective, you often have to make it persuasive. Sometimes, that means making a compelling argument to win over audiences to a new way of thinking. Other times, it just means making sure your video gets enough likes and subscribes to justify its existence.

In any case, how can you make a video more persuasive?


Know Your Audience

Your first responsibility is to get to know your audience as well as possible. You’re not going to be persuasive if you try to make an appeal to a general audience; instead, you’ll be much more relevant and much more effective if you target one specific niche. Once you choose the target audience, you’ll need to do further market research to understand how this target audience thinks, what their perspectives are, and how they might interact with a video like yours.

Some target audiences are going to be better swayed by logical reasoning and straightforward argumentation. Others are going to be easier to sway if you tap into their emotions and make an emotional appeal. You also need to consider how much information your target audience already has on this subject and how you’re going to make your case for them.

Invest in the Production

Next, make sure you invest in the production of the video. You’re going to be much more persuasive if your video looks polished and professional. For some organizations, that means finding the best video production agency around and hiring them to do all the work for you. 

For other organizations, that means purchasing all your own equipment and investing in the staff necessary to use that equipment properly. If you go this route, make sure you invest in a good camera, a good stand, high-quality microphones, and all the software you need to do the final editing.

Be Confident

While filming the video, it’s a good idea to include at least some human element, such as a person on the screen doing the talking or a narrator providing voice-over lines for things happening in the background. No matter what you choose, it’s important to be confident. People are naturally drawn to people who exhibit some degree of confidence; we can’t help but believe that they have things figured out.

There are many ways to show confidence in your own video. For example, you can stand tall and make eye contact with the camera. You can speak loudly and directly using an authoritative voice. You can also gesticulate slightly to make your words more impactful.

Remain Sincere and Authentic

Though it’s important to maintain confidence even when you’re not feeling confident, for the most part, you should just strive to be yourself. Being sincere and authentic is much more valuable than faking some personality that isn’t you. There are billions of videos on the internet, and most of them include staged events and fake personalities. Because of this, people have a craving for authenticity; they’re going to be much more persuadable if you demonstrate that you’re an authentic person. Don’t try to play things up for the camera and inject some humor whenever you get the chance.

Keep It Short

The most effective videos on the planet tend to be short. Long videos do have a place since they can provide more information to your audience and give them more tools for critical thinking; they also allow you to present more research and go in more depth with regard to a given subject. However, short videos have too many advantages to ignore. 

Short videos are easier to start and they require less commitment from the viewer. They focus on the most important information, rather than getting distracted. And they channel energy and momentum to drive deliberate choice, resulting in more successful calls to action.

Make the Ask Easier

It’s always easier to persuade someone when it’s something that doesn’t require as much of a commitment from them. Instead of asking someone to pay for a subscription, ask them to subscribe to your YouTube channel. Instead of convincing them that all dogs are geniuses, you can convince them that at least some dogs are geniuses; if you find it hard to persuade people on a given point, persuade them on an easier point.

These are just some of the ways that you can make your videos much more persuasive in the field of video marketing. If you want to be even more successful, you’re going to need to experiment with different approaches. The more experience you have, and the better you get to know your target audience, the more effective you’re going to be.

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