20 Best Video Editing Apps in [2022] updated

In this era of digitalization, modern smartphones have successfully made people professional photographers. The high-quality cameras and the ease to use helps people to take professional quality photos and videos. As the quality of the cameras increases, the need for video editing apps also rises.

With innovations in technology, new video editing apps are launched almost daily. However, with a plethora of features and services, it may become overwhelming for you to choose the best video editing app. Fret not, we have saved your time with our list of the 20 best video editing apps for 2022.

20 Best apps for video editing:


Standing on top of our list, Magisto is a great video editing tool to accelerate your video marketing process, enhance sales and hence, grow brand awareness. With an easy-to-use and fast interface, the tool will help you to create videos as fast as writing a blog and as easy as creating a PowerPoint presentation.

What’s great about this app is that it is powered by AI and hence the computerized video editor will help you create and edit videos. Once done, you can seamlessly distribute these videos and get insights through the engagement analytics feature. With so many features and advantages, the Magisto app ranges between $4 per month to $34 per month.



Offered by Microsoft Corporation, Hyperlapse is a free and simple to use video editing software. With more than 1,000,000 Downloads, Hyperlapse will help you to create time-lapse videos. You can either use your existing videos to create their Hyperlapse or use the instant gratification feature of this tool. The instant gratification feature will help you to capture any video and see its Hyperlapse immediately.

Additionally, Hyperlapse also provides the options of multiple speeds ranging from 1 to 32 times. You can even choose multiple HD resolutions, like 720 or 1080 p. Once you have created the Hyperlapse of your video, you can save it to your SD card or share it directly to other social media sites and apps like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or you can use these in video ads like Facebook or Google ads management.

wondershare filmora

Wondershare Filmora

With more than 77 million users, Wondershare Filmora is a great video editing app with robust compositing tools and advanced audio editing features. This application will help you to create or edit engaging videos to power your video marketing requirements using its 800 plus mesmerising effects and up to 100 video tracts.


The app is filled with a plethora of enticing filters, transitions, custom titles, overlays, motion elements and royalty-free music. With unending features and advantages, this video editing tool starts from 19.99 dollars per month.


InShot is a great video editing tool that will help you to trim videos,  delete their middle part or multi-split them. It has various filters to help enhance your video graphics with glitch, dark, bright and film effects. 


Once you have successfully edited your photos or videos, you can save them to your device’s memory. What’s great about this tool is that it has professional features that will help you add music, text and transition effects or blur the background of your videos. Using all such features, you can edit and create videos for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, WhatsApp etc. You can even adjust the ratio and background of your videos accordingly for these apps. Luckily, the tool is free to use.

WeVideovideo editing apps

With an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, We Video will help you create videos like a pro in no time at all. This Video editing platform also has more than 1,000,000 stock media content like images, music tracks and videos.  All such built-in content in the commercially licenced and royalty-free stock library of the tool will help you to create engaging videos on any device like your mobile, windows, Chromebook and Mac.

 You can substantiate the credibility of We Video from the fact that it has more than 30 million users presently. Once you have created and edited your video, you can instantly publish your edits to Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or other social media channels from it. If you like the different features of We Video, then you can choose from its different plans that start from 4.99 dollars per month. Before investing in the paid plans, you can also opt for a free trial of the tool.


Being one of the most robust mobile video editors, Splice has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. The app will help you to edit or create mesmerising and engaging videos with a professional look in just a few minutes. With a community of more than 17 million delighted users, Splice will provide you with the features of advanced pro-level tools, an enormous music library and speed ramping.



The advanced editor workflow of this platform will help you to keep your projects on track without worrying about their locations. Another great feature of the tool is its automatic subtitle option that will generate subtitles automatically for your videos. So get ready to create engaging videos and enhance your sales by using the Splice video editing application that is compatible with iPad, iPhone and even Android.

Adobe Premiere Rush

This all-in-one, cross-device video editor has robust tools that will help you create professional videos the way you want. When creating or editing videos using Adobe Premiere Rush, you can use its premium features of sound effects graphics, hundreds of soundtracks, loops, animated titles, overlays, etc. Once done, you can even crop the videos and customise them according to your social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Tik Tok, or Instagram right from this tool.

Once you upgrade to the premium version of Adobe Premiere Rush, you can get access to advanced audio tools, a premium content library and additional premium features for your video editing. The pro version of this tool comes with a 7-day free trial and costs 20.99 dollars per month.



With more than 15 million users, Pic Play Post is the best all-in-one video editing tool.  It has the robust features of full editing capabilities, adding multiple songs, adding voiceovers, trimming, speeding up, or slowing down your videos, creating up to 30 minutes videos and supporting all file formats in different ratios. What’s better about the tool is that it can even help you to add a watermark in images or text to your videos and scroll your videos vertically or horizontally. Pic Play Post has a free version and a pro version that costs 6.99 dollars per month.


With a built-in video sequence editor, the Blender app will help you perform basic as well as more complex tasks while editing and creating your videos. While editing your videos using this tool, you can use the live preview, chroma, vectorscope or histogram displays.

Other enticing video editing features of Blender include up to 32 slots for adding video, audio effects, or images to your videos while controlling the speed and adjustment layers. Luckily, this tool is free and open-source software with an array of modelling new features.

Lightworksvideo editor for pc

For the last 30 years, Lightworks has been used by different types of content creators- be it the Youtubers or the Oscar-winning Hollywood stars. Created by Editshare, this free video editing tool will help you create professional-looking videos due to its ample features. You can even opt for the premium upgrade if you want additional editing features with this tool. Be it trimming down your videos, all altering their video levels, Lightworks will perform all the basic functions to create your videos.

The tool even comes pre-installed with various effect preset options to add a professional touch and engaging tone to your videos. Luckily, you can even create your effects and save them for future use. Apart from the video tools, Lightworks will even help you to add text as overlays or alter your video’s orientation and ratio.


With a sleek and intuitive interface, Shotcut is a free, open-source cross video editing software. This tool provides wide-format supports along with device and transport options.

 The major features of this tool include black Magic designing support, preview monitoring, resolution support 24K and multiple dockable and undockable panels. It will even help you to drag and drop the assets from the File Manager or search the recent files easily using the search option. Luckily, the tool is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.

VSDC Video Editing Software

VSDC Free Video Editor

With a robust and beginner-friendly interface, VSDC free video editor will help you to simultaneously create many videos in random locations and positions. The tool even comes with different conversion features that will help you to convert files from one format to another while creating and editing videos.

With the rich functionality yet a simple interface, you can create videos with minimum effort quickly using this editing tool. Since the software uses high-quality algorithms, optimised for the multi-core as well as single CPUs, it promises a high speed to its users. So, you can get this non-linear programme on your Windows OS laptops and PCs.The  VSDC video editor even has a pro version that costs approx $20.

Machete Video Editor Lite

video editing apps

Machete Video Editor Lite is the free version of the video editor Machete. The Lite version will help you to perform the basic features 

while editing your videos, like slicing your video files, deleting the unnecessary fragments, copying, moving, mixing, or saving individual pieces. However, unlike the Machete Editor, the Lite version will support only limited formats like the WMV and AVI files.

Using this video editing tool, you can even insert one video file in another file of the same format and edit file tags for the supported media formats. Once you have successfully edited the video, you can extract and save it as a separate file in the *.bmp format or as *.png and *.jpg format in Windows Vista and later.

Quik App

With a simple yet robust interface, the Quik app is a great video editor and slideshow maker that will help you with its unending features. You can relive your favourite memories and energise your footage using this tool by syncing your edit to music.

Quik app

What’s great about this video editing software is that it even provides the element of unlimited back up at 100% quality. Once you add your pictures and videos to the tool, it will automatically and instantly produce cinematic edits. The perfect video editing software of this tool automatically adds transitions and the best effects to create stunning and enticing edits.

The tool is free to use on a trial basis. But after the trial is over, you can subscribe to this tool for 1.99 dollars per month.


With a user base of more than 6 million creators all over the globe, Hitfilm is a great video editing and visual effects tool that will help you take your video marketing to the next level. The application has more than 420 presets and effects, professional editing features and built-in voice over recording. With a user-friendly interface, Hitfilm is specifically created for Youtubers and provides them all the tools to create basic videos or even advanced complex ones.


Some of the features of Hitfilm that make it ideal for Youtubers include export capabilities, 2D and 3D compositor, Green screen effects, motion tracking, adaptive trimmer, auto colour, etc. Luckily this video editing tool is free to use.


video editing sotwares

With a simple user interface, Video Show is a great video editing tool that will help you to create and edit videos on your Android device. While editing the videos using this tool, you can even change the audio or add subtitles to your videos.

Once you are done editing the video, you can export it with the same quality or even compress it to save space on your device. Luckily, the tool is free to use and is available in more than 39 languages.


Another video editing tool on our list is Power Director. With more than 1,000,000 users, Power Director will help you to create and edit videos using the green screen and other effects. The simple and intuitive interface of the app will enable you to use its robust editing features like the built-in stock library, transitions, filters, motion titles, emoji, effects, etc.

While you edit videos on this tool, you can even export them in up to 4K resolution, adjust their speed, or use the stabilizer and voice changer options. Another great feature of Power Director is its replace background option that will help you to replace the background using the Chroma Key. The tool is free to use on supported devices, and you can even unlock unlimited features, content packs and updates with the premium version that starts from 4.33 dollars per month.


With robust scripting capabilities, Avidemux is a free and open-source video editing tool that supports multiple file formats, including AVI, DVD, MPEG, MP4 and ASF. This video editing software will help you to perform non-linear video editing and add visual effects or audio to your videos. Additionally, the built-in subtitle recognition feature will even help you to add subtitles to your video and increase their engagement. You can create automatic tasks on this tool using the features of projects and job queues.

What’s great about this platform is that it can allow you to extract audio streams from particular video files or add certain audio streams to a video file. Since the tool uses the Spider Monkey JavaScript engine, it can save project files with the options of selections, preferences and configurations. The tool will even support a non-project system which will help you to create different configurations and save your video without making a project file. With a host of features, get ready to create professional videos and edit them using Avidemux for free.

video editor for pc


With a set of comprehensive tools, Kine Master is a great video editing app to use on your Chromebook, phone or tablet. Besides having a free version along with a premium subscription costing 4.99 dollars per month, this tool will help you to use its more than 2500 transitions, stickers, effects, phones, videos, images and animations from its store. Kine Master has tools to crop, cut, edit or combine your videos with text and stickers.

You can use the tool to create amazing visual effects by adding slow-mo, reversing, speeding up, or blending modes to your videos. The new features that have been recently added to this tool include the important export project files feature and the download and re-edit projects feature.


The last great editing software on our list is Viva Video which is compatible with Mac and  Android. With more than 623,000 editors, this video and image editing tool will help you create and edit professional-looking videos. Luckily, you can even use the tool on your PC by using auxiliary software known as the Android emulator.

video editor for android

With a fast user interface, Viva Video will help you to edit multiple videos or split one video into 

newer ones quickly. You can even add music or texts to your videos from the music library provided in the tool for free. Additionally, Viva Video has a plethora of great effects, filters and fonts to choose from. Since the free version of this tool has certain restrictions on watermarking and quality, you can upgrade to the premium version which costs around $10 per user per month.


Thus, this is our list of the best video editing apps for 2022 that will help you to make a more informed choice while you start your video editing journey. Though many of the apps are available for free, you should always upgrade to the premium version to unlock more features and hence, create professional-looking videos in no time. But before choosing any app, make sure to check that its features align with your video making requirements.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you. Good luck with your video editing journey!

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