Guns Up

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Commanders of the world, unite! The fate of the world rests in your hands in the thrilling online PvP strategy game called GUNS UP! Mobile. Prepare yourself for intense Tower Defense battles like never before. Build your army, deploy troops, and lead them to victory. From tanks to airstrikes, choose the perfect strategy to crush your opponents. Engage in multiplayer battles where attackers face off against each other's defenses. Can you rise above the rest and claim the spoils of war? If PvP isn't your style, solo challenges and base building await. Recruit new soldiers, form alliances, and dominate the leaderboards. The time for action is now. Download GUNS UP! Mobile and join the battle!

Features of Guns Up:

* PvP Strategy Battles: Engage in online battles against other players, showcasing your strategic skills to dominate the battlefield. Build your army, issue orders, and deploy tanks or airstrikes.

* Single Player Challenges: If PvP is not your cup of tea, take on various single player challenges, including fighting against developer created Puzzle bases, defending against hordes of Zombies, and breaking out of military Prisons.

* Base Building: Plan, expand, and upgrade your base to create a formidable defense against attackers. Watch replays of opponent attacks to improve your defense strategy.

* Army Growth: Recruit new Soldier classes, upgrade and customize your army, and gather loot to enhance your power for future attacks and defenses. Use strategy to keep your soldiers alive and help them become veterans.

* Alliances: Form alliances with friends and engage in Alliance Wars for loot and glory on the leaderboards. Coordinate strategies, share resources, and unlock new boosts to gain an edge over your opponents.

* Engaging Content: The game offers a ton of content, providing a new twist to Tower Defense battles. With a PlayStation® classic inspiration, Guns Up offers an immersive and exciting gameplay experience.


Commanders, the world is in a state of war, and it is up to you to lead us to victory! Guns Up Mobile is the perfect app for strategic minds and action-seekers. Engage in thrilling PvP battles, overcome challenging single player scenarios, build a strong base, expand your army, and form alliances for ultimate dominance. With its immersive gameplay and a ton of content, Guns Up Mobile is a must-have for every commander. Waste no more time, download Guns Up Mobile now and join the ranks of thousands of commanders already online!



  • I like the game but lately it freezes mid game and you lose your supplies. Need to fix or im out.
    2024-07-15 12:08:05
  • The game is broken after the last update, the units stay paralyzed and won't move forward, please fix this glitch.
    2024-07-15 02:23:59
  • Good game...lots of good explosions and smooth cartoon graphics. I got a fair way into the game before it became challenging by constantly upgrading everything I could . It's a bit stuck trying to upgrade the things you need without paying but it's a pretty addictive game with lots of variables so.i might buck up for this one
    2024-07-15 00:30:27
  • Any amazing game and the one in steam is even better if you want to play but don't have a computer or anything to play on steam or PS then get this one.
    2024-07-14 02:22:35
  • Did not work on an older phone; However, I have a new phone and I am extremely pleased with the whole experience. Pretty good. Most importantly, there are no ads spammed at the player.
    2024-07-14 00:52:16
  • Don't buy premium pass! I purchased the premium pass and it is already gone from my account. Three weeks and it dropped off the game. Not worth the money at all!
    2024-07-13 15:49:27