Rise of Cultures: Kingdom game Mod

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Welcome to the Rise of Cultures: Kingdom Game Mod! It's time to embark on an extraordinary adventure in this thrilling kingdom game that will have you captivated for hours on end. From the creators of Forge of Empires and Elvenar, get ready to witness the rise of multiple empires under your leadership. Construct magnificent cities with stunning monuments and awe-inspiring structures, and watch as your empire grows and flourishes. Prepare for epic battles against rival civilizations, commanding your troops with strategic precision. Forge alliances, establish trade routes, and engage in diplomacy to strengthen your position. Travel through time, uncover hidden treasures, and unlock groundbreaking technologies to advance your civilization. Leave your mark on history and be remembered for ages in this addictive, amazing, and fun town building game.

Features of Rise of Cultures: Kingdom game Mod:

❤ Multiple Empires: Build and manage multiple cities in one game, with stunning monuments and structures that grow and flourish over time.

❤ Epic Battles: Command your armies and engage in heart-pounding battles against rival civilizations, with visually stunning combat sequences.

❤ Alliances and Diplomacy: Forge alliances with other players, establish trade routes, negotiate treaties, and strengthen your position in the metropolis.

❤ Time Travel: Embark on a captivating journey through time, exploring diverse landscapes and uncovering the secrets of past civilizations.

❤ Technological Advancements: Unlock new inventions, enhance productivity, and gain a competitive edge over rivals through groundbreaking technologies.

❤ Cultural Achievements: Leave your mark on history by building majestic wonders, meeting historical figures, and producing masterful works of art.


Rise of Cultures: Kingdom game Mod offers an epic adventure with jaw-dropping features and thrilling gameplay that will keep you hooked for hours. With multiple empires, epic battles, alliances, time travel, technological advancements, and opportunities for cultural achievements, this game provides an immersive experience for all strategy game lovers. Join now to start your empire and leave your mark on history!



  • The game starts out fun, as most do. You have to sequentially unlock research to advance through the eras, but unfortunately they become more dependent on gems to unlock. Surprise, you can spend real money to acquire gems. Who would've thought?
    2024-07-15 19:38:17
  • If the "game" with primitive and widely known mechanics doesn't allow you so skip the tutorial... well, that's not the game. But I am sure there are ads, in-app purchases and all other bs inside.
    2024-07-15 19:17:41
  • Do not ever download this game....it will make you feel you are playing good and then suddenly at last you will end up to restart the game 5-10 Times...bt still you can't play it since it'll full of glitches...and no matter how many times you raised the concern about game hanging or glitches you will end up getting response like thank you your patience.. we'll get upgraded...do not download this game
    2024-07-14 02:38:00
  • Game is still really buggy. Requiring constant restarts because it freezes. Wonder gacha mechanics are terrible. Game is becoming more and more luck based to get stuff. Not a good direction. Players complaining about purchases not working are being told they can't be helped, even though they have video proof of said purchases bugging out their game. Support seems either useless or non existent. Shame. Edit: Discord for this game is toxic. Brought a weird bug there and was openly mocked. Avoid.
    2024-07-14 00:34:17
  • Absolutely amazing adventures, experience historical events, upgrades periodical buildings, wonders, and join an awesome team to explore, defeat, protect & build an alliance city together. While creating your own city, army & people.
    2024-07-12 21:51:33
  • Happened again, we placed in "treasure hunt", unable to retrieve reward, even though tab indicates reward waiting.
    2024-07-12 17:41:49