Dark Avenger

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Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Dark Avenger, the premier mobile MORPG! Join a vibrant community of thousands of players as you embark on an epic hack-n-slash dungeon crawl. The action never stops with the addition of the new Sorceress class, bringing her formidable magic to the fight against the forces of darkness. Formulate strategies with your friends as you take on powerful bosses in the cooperative Boss Raid mode. Enjoy stunning 3D graphics and dynamic gameplay with the side camera view feature. Test your skills in real-time PvP battles with no wait times, and climb the Infinity Tower to prove yourself as the ultimate warrior. Unleash your power and conquer the game with Dark Avenger!

Features of Dark Avenger:

Brand New Sorceress Class: Experience the power of magic as you join the ranks of heroes fighting against darkness. Choose from Templar, Archer, Berserker, and the brand new Sorceress class, each with their own unique abilities and play styles. Unleash devastating spells and conquer your enemies with the might of elemental forces.

Strategic Co-Op Boss Raids: Team up with three other players in the exciting Boss Raid mode. Coordinate your efforts and formulate strategies to take down powerful World Bosses. Challenge yourself with epic battles, and reap the rewards of victory.

State-of-the-art Graphics: Immerse yourself in a visually stunning world of Dark Avenger. Featuring brilliant 3D graphics in Full HD with dynamic lighting, the game brings the dark and eerie atmosphere to life. The side camera view adds to the dynamic gameplay, enhancing your gaming experience.

Real-time PvP Battles: Engage in adrenaline-pumping 3 vs 3 deathmatches with players from around the world. There are no wait times or queues, allowing you to join the action anytime. Compete in the weekly rankings by accumulating wins, losses, kills, and deaths, and earn prestigious rewards for your accomplishments.

Infinity Tower: Satisfy your thirst for challenge with the Infinity Tower, where you can compete against the best players worldwide. Ascend to new heights and prove your skills as the ultimate warrior. Encounter new event bosses on certain floors, adding excitement and variety to your gameplay.

Semi-Targeting System: Maximize your in-game experience with the brand new semi-targeting system. This innovative feature allows players to have precise control over their attacks and abilities, making combat more engaging and dynamic.

Tips for Users:

Experiment with the Sorceress Class: Take advantage of the recently introduced Sorceress class and explore her unique abilities. Experiment with different spells and playstyles to find the one that suits your preferences and play style the best.

Coordinate with Teammates: Communication and coordination are key in Boss Raid mode. Strategize with your teammates to optimize your chances of success. Take advantage of each hero's strengths and abilities to overcome the challenges that await you.

Master the Semi-Targeting System: Practice using the semi-targeting system to its full potential. This feature allows for more precise control over your attacks. Learn to effectively switch targets and utilize your abilities to maximize your damage output.


Dark Avenger is the ultimate mobile hack-n-slash dungeon crawler that offers a thrilling gameplay experience. With the addition of the Sorceress class, players have even more options and playstyles to choose from. The strategic co-op boss raids, stunning graphics, real-time PvP battles, Infinity Tower, and innovative semi-targeting system all contribute to the game's immersive and captivating gameplay. Whether you enjoy challenging bosses, competitive PvP battles, or exploring new heights in the Infinity Tower, Dark Avenger has something to offer for every player. Download the game now and dive into a world of darkness and adventure.