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Immerse yourself in the mystical world of Elden Ring with the ultimate companion app, MapGenie: Elden Ring Map. Created by avid fans of the game, this unofficial interactive map is here to guide you through the challenging Souls-like gameplay. Featuring over 1500 locations, you can find all the hidden treasures, rare weapons, and hidden quests that await you in The Lands Between. With its quicksearch function, progress tracking, and note-taking capabilities, you'll never get lost in this sprawling open world again. Stay tuned for exciting updates, including underground maps, as the app continues to evolve. Ready to conquer Elden Ring? Let MapGenie be your trusted navigator on this epic journey.

Features of MapGenie: Elden Ring Map:

* Comprehensive Database: The MapGenie: Elden Ring Map app provides players with over 1500 locations to explore in the game. It includes everything from Flask Upgrades, Keys, Dragons, Rare Weapons to Hidden Quests. This extensive database ensures that players can easily find all the items and objectives they need to progress in the game.

* Categorized Content: With over 70+ categories, the app covers every aspect of the game, including Dungeon Bosses, Ashes of War, Talismans, Golden Seeds, Teardrop Scarabs, and more. Organizing the content into categories makes it easy for players to navigate and find specific items or objectives they are looking for.

* Quicksearch Function: The Quicksearch feature allows players to simply type the name of a location they are searching for and instantly find it on the map. This saves time and ensures that players can quickly access the information they need without getting lost or frustrated.

* Sync Progress with Website: The app allows players to sync their progress with the MapGenie website. This feature ensures that players can seamlessly switch between platforms and continue their game progress without any setbacks or loss of data.

* Progress Tracker and Note-Taking: The app includes a Progress Tracker feature that allows players to mark locations as found and track their collectibles' progress. Additionally, players can take notes and add personalized comments or reminders to the map to keep track of important areas or objectives.

Tips for users:

* Utilize the Quicksearch: When in doubt, use the Quicksearch function to find specific locations or items quickly. This will save you time and keep you focused on progressing through the game.

* Use the Progress Tracker: Take advantage of the Progress Tracker feature to mark locations as found and keep track of your collectibles. This will help you stay organized and ensure that you don't miss any important items or objectives.

* Take Notes: Don't forget to use the note-taking feature to add personalized notes or reminders to the map. This can be especially useful for marking areas of interest or objectives that you want to revisit later.


The MapGenie: Elden Ring Map app is an essential companion for players of Elden Ring. With its extensive database, categorized content, quicksearch function, and progress tracking capabilities, the app provides a seamless and efficient way to navigate and explore the game world. Whether you need to locate rare weapons, find hidden quests, or track your collectibles, this app has you covered. While still a work in progress, the developers are constantly updating the app to provide even more locations and improve the overall user experience. Download the MapGenie: Elden Ring Map app today and conquer The Lands Between with ease!



  • This app would be perfect if it included different save or profiles. At least 3. I bought the app because i felt it was a decent bargain for 5 dollars but not been able to track multiple saves is really a bummer and kinda weird that its not included when others have this feature. Other than that, it os high quality and works like a dream. Best one in the market. Could we please add the extra profiles? At least for premium. This should be in a 5 dollar app. Thanks!
    2024-07-05 22:29:19
  • Highly Recommend. It's simple to use and I found it to be super helpful especially for collecting all the spells, ashes of War and spirit ashes! 10/10 would recommend. I even supported the developer by purchasing the paid version for no ads at the bottom of the screen (which you don't have to do the ads are small enough to not be a problem and there wasn't many if any pop up ads so it's mainly a if you wanna support the developer like me [which I would suggest doing if you can])
    2024-07-05 21:00:07
  • This app is actually fantastic. Super easy to use. Instead of sifting thru youtube videos and having spoilers revealed thru walkthrus, i can just search for what i want and go. Sorry to the devs for advertising he free version, but honestly, thats all you really need. Theres also a checklist system so you dont have to double back. I didnt use it, but i may on my next playthrough.
    2024-07-05 19:16:30
  • Very informative and useful. Just needs to be slightly more accurate on locations and how to get there. But all in all very helpful.
    2024-07-05 17:42:01
  • Totally worth it for completionists. The icons are often stacked on each other making it hard to click on things so an area selection tool would be great. Could also do with something that lets me mark certain icons so I can easily see where all I'd like to explore. Other than those two things, 100% worth the price.
    2024-07-04 09:22:29
  • Easy to use and got me to put another 50+ hours into the game just clearing dungeons and getting items. Everyone who plays Elden Ring should use this. Awesome!
    2024-07-04 06:38:56