Kingdom Clash - Battle Sim

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Introducing Kingdom Clash - Battle Sim! Join the thrilling battles in Kingdom Clash as you fight for the freedom of your kingdom! Immerse yourself in a medieval realm filled with cruel wars between kingdoms. Show off your mastery of battle tactics by strategically deploying your soldiers on the battlefield to defeat the enemy's tiny army. Challenge yourself by making wise decisions based on your troops' capabilities, enemy forces, and map conditions. Prepare to face epic bosses and save your lands from the ancient evil that has awakened. Upgrade your warriors, summon mighty heroes, and conquer faraway lands in this visually stunning 3D battle simulator. Download Kingdom Clash now and prove yourself as the ultimate champion of the realm!

Features of Kingdom Clash - Battle Sim:

> Master Battle Tactics: Deploy your soldiers strategically on the battle arena and make wise decisions based on various factors such as capacity, enemy forces, and map conditions.

> Fight Epic Bosses: Take down mighty creatures that have awakened and free your lands from ancient evil. Lead your army to dangerous lairs and ensure victory in the war simulator game.

> Upgrade Brave Warriors: Collect, merge, and upgrade various types of warriors such as lancers, bombers, paladins, archers, and more. Build the strongest army by unlocking and leveling up all the warriors.

> Summon Mighty Heroes: Gather legendary heroes with unique skills and abilities to enhance your tiny army. These heroes can play a decisive role in turning the tides of war.

> Conquer Faraway Lands: Engage in epic battles in the visually stunning 3D battle arenas set in different locations like dry deserts, frozen lands, and green forests. More battlegrounds will be added soon.

> Defend Your Lands: Become a true champion and defend your kingdom from enemy armies. Play Kingdom Clash for free and discover the thrill of fighting for the freedom of your realm.


Step into the immersive world of Kingdom Clash and experience epic battles to protect and liberate your kingdom. With features like mastering battle tactics, fighting epic bosses, upgrading brave warriors, summoning mighty heroes, conquering faraway lands, and defending your kingdom, Kingdom Clash - Battle Sim offers an exciting and strategic gaming experience. Install Kingdom Clash now and embark on a thrilling journey to victory!



  • Very repetitive and nothing like the advert that brought me here. It's ok but nothing new or innovative
    2024-06-17 03:03:41
  • Kingdom CRASH! all this app does is crash out and close out and may not even save your tokens won.
    2024-06-16 18:50:18
  • I'm having a good initial experience, but I'm wondering how much it'll change when I'm playing more difficult levels
    2024-06-16 18:48:36
  • so far I enjoy playing the game... the ads are annoying but necessary I guess
    2024-06-16 12:24:46
  • Unable to update, on Infinix08i I've enough storage space, restarted the device, and I've a good speed wifi.
    2024-06-15 11:51:33
  • Hi I lost my account . How to get it back ? It will not let me access my account. When I first play it says "Log in with Play games" now it doesn't show and I cannot find way to log in.
    2024-06-12 23:05:43