Defense War : Tower Defense

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Welcome to Defense War : Tower Defense, the ultimate tower defense game that will take you on a devilish frenzy! Prepare for epic battles on the battlefield alongside your favorite characters from Destiny Child. With Davi, Mona, Lisa, and Frej by your side, summon and strategically place them to guard the Archfiend candidate and conquer your enemies. Engage in exhilarating real-time battles against players from all over the world, as you compete to become the champion of the Demon Colosseum League. Utilize cunning strategies, empower your deck with mastery, and unleash the devilish powers of your Archfiend candidate when cornered. With silky-smooth Live 2D character animations and intuitive controls, Defense War : Tower Defense offers a fast-paced and thrilling gaming experience. Discover unique strengths of each Child and build the ultimate team to dominate the battlefield. Will you rise to glory and become a legend in this strategic defense game? Connect with friends or clan members, obtain new Childs in higher-level arenas, and showcase your mastery strategies. Brace yourself for the ultimate tower defense showdown and embark on this thrilling journey today!

Features of Defense War : Tower Defense:

⭐️ Familiar Characters: Meet the beloved characters from Destiny Child in this exciting tower defense game.

⭐️ Real-Time Battles: Compete against players from around the world in fast-paced, strategic battles.

⭐️ Silky-Smooth Animations: Enjoy the stunning Live 2D character animations that bring the game to life.

⭐️ Strategic Gameplay: Use cunning strategies and mastery skills to overpower your opponents.

⭐️ Build Your Team: Learn the unique strengths of each Child and create the best team possible.

⭐️ Depth of Strategy: Unleash the devilish powers of your Archfiend Candidate and adapt your mastery strategies to your deck.


Join the devil frenzy and experience an action-packed tower defense game featuring your favorite characters from Destiny Child! Compete with players globally, enjoy smooth animations, and use cunning strategies to outsmart your opponents. Build the ultimate team and unleash the powers of your Archfiend Candidate for an immersive and strategic gaming experience. Download Defense War : Tower Defense now and claim victory in the Demon Colosseum League!



  • Pay 2 win, not a great game. For those saying hard work pays off, sure. You collect cards. Obviously the more you play, the better they get. However, you can spend a month on this game, yet someone can buy 2 or 3 cash packs, and they gain cards so powerful they don't even need to waste the time, they get this day 1 for spending money. Meanwhile, free to play has to struggle, the arena balance match system is trash, you might be lucky but you could just get wrecked by new pay to win players.
    2024-06-09 18:14:31
  • enjoying the game so far. at first I had alot of difficulty playing because the tutorial didn't explain certain things but after awhile I figured it out and got really comfortable with what I have now. I guess the only complaint I have is the difficulty spike coming directly out of the tutorial because of the lack of explanation. but that's it. other than that, I'm really enjoying it. can't wait to see the future of this game and what is in store later in the game.
    2024-06-09 07:40:47
  • I know this sounds like a bot but I'm sorry this game really does deserve the five stars. The flexible mastery system it offers really just... Takes it over the edge compared to other games like it. The fact that I can swap between any of the skills unlocked with my mastery points at any time just, adds a whole nother layer to the deck building without aggressively overcomplicating it I have to show appreciation. That and the fact that it's
    2024-06-09 03:08:19
  • The matches themselves are pretty fun, but pretty much everything else about the game is terrible. You are prompted to pay, wait several hours, or watch ads after literally every match to actually get your rewards. There is also no easing into the game. You exit the tutorial straight into pvp, which will likely not match you with anyone near your characters levels. Its pretty easy to win early matches, since the game barely explains anything and nobody in the first few tiers knows whats going on
    2024-06-08 20:46:07
  • it's an alright tower defence game when it works (the servers seem to be struggling with the amount of players) up until you hit the 1/5 chance of fighting the mad clown as a boss, who starts the battle by transforming ALL of your towers to different ones. i get that these games need some random elements to keep them interesting, but this is too much. this is no longer tower defence, it is a slot machine
    2024-06-08 13:45:29
  • The game in itself is quite fun and it scratches that tower defence itch. Placements and upgrades are random which is very annoying. It's unfair at times, and pvp feels like you're playing bots. UI feels solid but VERY cheap compared to Destiny Child which I've played since JP launch. It makes me concerned whether or not it is actually part of Shift Up on top of the Ads. Chibi units are cute though. Wish they'll add more childs. Wish there's a mode where you pick units to place and where.
    2024-06-08 13:32:04