Business Empire: RichMan

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Are you ready to build your own business empire? Business Empire: RichMan is the ultimate auto-clicker economic simulation game for Android. This addictive app allows you to experience the thrill of making money in the stock market and real estate. Simply tap the screen to start earning money. As you invest in various companies, properties, and cryptocurrencies, your income will passively increase. But beware of market fluctuations - your fortune could rise or fall! With its realistic appearance and humorous twist on company names, Business Empire: RichMan provides an immersive experience. Unlock new levels and even purchase luxury vehicles as you amass your wealth. Start investing today by downloading the Business Empire: RichMan APK!

Features of Business Empire: RichMan:

> Simulate making money in the stock market and through real estate.

> Auto-clicker mechanic allows you to earn money by clicking on the screen.

> Income increases passively as you invest in different companies, properties, and cryptocurrencies.

> Realistic appearance with humorous company names adds to the immersive experience.

> Ability to buy vehicles like sports cars and yachts with earned money.

> Offers filters to search for companies with the cheapest shares and allows you to found your own companies.


Business Empire: RichMan is an addictive and realistic auto-clicker economic simulation game. With the ability to simulate making money in the stock market and real estate, this app offers a fun and immersive experience for users who enjoy simulation and economy games. The humorous company names and the option to buy vehicles add an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay. Despite the occasional intrusive ads, the features of this app make it worth downloading. Click here to download the Business Empire: RichMan APK and start your journey to building your own business empire.



  • Excessive ads. Literally every action taken in this game results in a forced ad and there is no way to remove or avoid them. The game itself is enjoyable but impossible to recommend when you get forced ads within 5 seconds of the last forced ad.
    2024-06-10 23:39:26
  • This game.... has potential, but it's not there yet. The pop-up ads are annoying. The dev says you can disable it in the settings, but there is no such thing as settings in the game. Then the buying of a car for the taxi and shipping business's is too annoying to go through. For Example- say you can 300 taxis, you better be ready to tap 300 times
    2024-06-10 18:19:16
  • It was five stars even though the ads are annoying, but the factory seems to have gotten a massive nerf and I wonder what else has too. Idk if there's much point to keep playing if businessea are going to be getting nerfed as harshly as this. There wasn't even a refund on investment for all the upgrades.
    2024-06-09 17:58:19
  • Game is interesting but.... there are lots of ads. You cannot pay to remove them. Also there are a lot of bugs in n the code. I just woke up and my checking acct balance was exactly the same several hrs ago when it should be increasing by $1M/hr. Also, a week ago the cars in my taxi fleet and shipping company don't advance in mileage so once you buy them they run forever. I've noticed other math errors too. Samsung Galaxy s23
    2024-06-09 09:33:39
  • I loved this game, but I think the time is coming to uninstall it. I'd been playing for 2 weeks then all of a sudden, the money I was making (4billion an hour) just stopped completely and hasn't risen at all since Tuesday? Not sure what the Devs have done, but, if it's not sorted in a week, the app is going.
    2024-06-09 02:03:48
  • It was good at the beginning but as I leveled up some of the new businesses that were supposed to be making lots of money per hour weren't doing anything. like when you go to bed when you check on it the next day. And you're still at the same balance that you were before yet somehow you're supposed to be making almost 2 million an hour. Between that and the excessive ads, I'm only reading it 3stars
    2024-06-08 20:17:23