Despotism 3k

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Despotism 3k is an innovative and visually stunning game that turns the tables on traditional gameplay. Instead of humans controlling machines, the roles are reversed, with AI robots using and controlling humans. As the Master AI, your goal is to grow the largest colony by capturing and managing puny humans. Upgrade various machines, such as the Breeding Tube for human reproduction and the Food Generator for sustenance. Don't forget to monitor power levels and drag tired humans to the Power Generator to maintain their strength. Be careful not to exhaust them or let them die. Harness the energy of humans to continue the game and ensure their survival. Face challenges like Brass Monkey Weather, which decreases power production, by spinning the power generator wheel faster. Enslave more humans to boost power output and conquer the game. Prepare for an extraordinary and thought-provoking gaming experience with Despotism 3k!

Features of Despotism 3k:

❤️ Unique Concept: The game offers a fresh and unique concept where AI-controlled robots use and control humans instead of the other way around.

❤️ Extraordinary Visuals: The app's developers have designed stunning visuals that enhance the gaming experience and immerse users in the dystopian world of the game.

❤️ Multiple Machines: The game features a variety of machines such as the Energy reader, Human Storage, Power Generator, Breeding Tube, Food Generator, Bidreactor, and Arms, each serving a specific function in the gameplay.

❤️ Upgrades: Users can upgrade each machine to increase its capacity and power, allowing for more efficient human control and resource production.

❤️ Strategic Gameplay: As the Master AI, players must strategically manage their resources, balance energy levels, and ensure the survival and productivity of the human colony.

❤️ Challenging Weather Effects: Aside from the core gameplay, the game incorporates weather effects like the Brass Monkey Weather, where colder temperatures decrease power production, adding an additional challenge for players to overcome.


Despotism 3k is an addictive and visually captivating game that offers a unique twist on the traditional AI-driven concept. With a range of machines, upgrades, and strategic gameplay elements, users will find themselves fully engaged as they navigate the challenges of controlling humans and surviving in a dystopian world. Download the app now to experience the thrill of ruling over your own human colony.