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Embark on an epic adventure in Tower Defense - strategy games, set in a world inspired by Slavic mythologists. As darkness engulfs the once sacred land, it's up to you to save the ancient world. With three unique bosses to defeat, the fate of the holy lands rests in your hands. Strategically defend against enemy attacks in various environments like forests, swamps, and ancient cities. Upgrade your defensive towers, harness the power of magic, and unleash the might of your hero. Rebuild the destroyed city to gain an advantage over your enemies and emerge victorious in the ultimate battle. Are you ready to stop evil and become a deity in the eyes of a grateful civilization?

Features of Tower Defense - strategy games:

❤️ Classic Tower Defense gameplay: Engage in strategic gameplay as you defend against enemy attacks.

❤️ Slavic mythological theme: Immerse yourself in the world of Slavic mythologists and take on three unique Bosses.

❤️ Real-time strategy genre: If you enjoy real-time strategy games, this app is perfect for you.

❤️ Diverse locations: Defend against enemy attacks in forests, swamps, ancient cities, the snowy north, and a magical world.

❤️ Upgrade and customize defenses: Enhance your defensive towers, use magic, and call upon heroes to strengthen your defenses.

❤️ Rebuild the city: Reconstruct the destroyed city to gain an advantage over your enemies.


Tower Defense - strategy games offers a captivating gameplay experience, blending classic Tower Defense mechanics with a Slavic mythological theme. With its diverse locations, ability to upgrade and customize defenses, and the opportunity to rebuild the city, this app provides an immersive and challenging strategy game. Download now and free the world from evil in the ultimate battle against darkness.



  • I wish it had endless mode then I would give it 5 stars
    2024-06-08 18:32:39
  • One of the best tower defense games I've ever played period
    2024-06-08 11:59:44
  • Rubbish impossible unless you pay for upgrades.deleted
    2024-06-07 20:11:19
  • don't have enough energy to get past 1st level
    2024-06-06 17:28:24
  • Great game to play guys because I only have single hand to play with...
    2024-06-06 08:56:28
  • Thank you for fixing the earlier problems
    2024-06-06 04:19:25