Clash of Lords 2: Битва Легенд

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Prepare yourself for a new era in Clash of Lords 2: Битва Легенд. This cult strategy game has taken the world by storm with its unique gameplay and beloved characters. Now, with the introduction of Enlightenment heroes, you have the opportunity to take your favorite characters to new heights. Control their skills in real time during battles, hire heroes and mercenaries to create an unbeatable team, and explore different game modes to become a true legend. Join forces with your friends in a Guild and share the joy of victory. Best of all, this game is free-to-play, so don't miss out on the chance to experience the excitement of the game.

Features of Clash of Lords 2: Битва Легенд:

* Real-time control: Take control of your heroes during battles and utilize their unique skills in real time. The more control you have, the more opportunities to succeed.

* Build an unbeatable team: Hire heroes and mercenaries to form a powerful and unstoppable team. Choose your team wisely to maximize your chances of victory.

* Unique heroes with special abilities: Each hero in Clash of Lords 2 has their own unique skills and abilities. Customize your team by selecting heroes that complement each other's strengths.

* Four battle modes: Enjoy non-stop action with four different battle modes. Challenge yourself in the League overlords, participate in resource raids, showcase your skills in the Arena, or embark on a single-player campaign to become a true legend in Clash of Lords 2.

* Join a Guild and unite with friends: Share the joy of victory with your friends by joining a Guild. Collaborate and strategize together to dominate the game and achieve greatness.

* Free-to-play with daily rewards: Clash of Lords 2 is free to download and play. Visit the game daily to hire free Heroes and receive free Gems as a token of appreciation.


Get ready to experience a new era in strategy gaming with Clash of Lords 2: Битва Легенд. Take control of your heroes in real time, build an unbeatable team, and utilize their unique abilities to emerge as a true legend. With four exciting battle modes, the opportunity to join a Guild and play with friends, and daily free rewards, this free-to-play game offers endless entertainment. Don't miss out on the chance to download and embark on an epic journey of tactical brilliance.



  • Game is really good i like the concept it is combination of Rise of Kingdoms + Clash of clans style. Reason i gave 3 star because i don't like the UI of game red and black colors which are not readable also I don't like the hero's, you guys have literally copied all heros from different games and animes Which was absolutely weird , You guys copied Uchiha Madara and then named it Time Watcher or keeper whatever it is. LOL. But honestly game has some potential, Just change UI and some heros.
    2024-06-07 14:56:09
  • This game is attractive ,specialy collecting heroes and up their level. But some new heros need to be introduced. We have been playin with old once for a long time.if game producers could indroduce new heroes and as well as new events, play mods that will profitable to game and as well as to consumers of the game
    2024-06-07 13:36:39
  • Hi super clash your game is good but there is 2 problem so i give it 3 star they are 1. There is a problem when i search a legue I can't see it but my second a count can see the legue and 2. When I use Halloween speret I click on its skill first time its working but secend time its not when I try with my another divece the black fonex have same problem hoorrbel plese fix the legue problam and hero skill problam in next update and my opinion try to add friendly battle with legue members by
    2024-06-07 10:09:39
  • A good game but needs more upgrades and enhancements
    2024-06-06 02:22:51
  • nice game good graphics not bad..need more improvement .
    2024-06-05 06:27:18
  • Itis a very good game I like it very it is fantastic il like it kepp it up and give 9 gift codes in a month
    2024-06-05 01:16:40