King of Thrones

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Take control of your own kingdom and prove yourself as the ultimate ruler in this thrilling app - King of Thrones! Expand your territories and conquer new lands in epic real-time battles against other players from around the world. But remember, a strong army is crucial for maintaining peace! Shape your land, upgrade buildings, and research technology to strengthen your kingdom and build a powerful army. With high-tech advancements, you'll have even more power at your disposal. Join alliances with other rulers to engage in massive fights and gain even more power. War may be inevitable, but with strategic planning and cooperation, victory and glory are within your grasp. Are you ready to lead your kingdom to greatness?

Features of King of Thrones:

* Kingdom Building: Develop and expand your kingdom by upgrading buildings and researching technology to strengthen your kingdom.

* Resource Management: Efficiently produce and collect resources to fuel your war machine and ensure the growth of your kingdom.

* Epic Real-time Battles: Engage in magnificent combat scenes with real-time combat modes on a vast world map, using mighty special troops like Dragons, Elves, Medusas, Titans, and Phoenixes.

* Diverse Events: Participate in thrilling events such as Alliance Crystal Caves, Alliance War, Dragon Summoner, and Dark Knight, adding excitement and variety to your gameplay.

* Forge Alliances: Join forces with other rulers to form powerful alliances, providing you with more power and opportunities to engage in massive epic fights.

* Multiplayer Experience: Interact with millions of online players from all over the world, chat, play, and fight together in multiplayer battles, promoting cooperation and engagement.


Show your strategic prowess and conquer new territories as you lead your kingdom to glory and victory in this immersive and thrilling mobile game. With features like kingdom building, resource management, epic real-time battles, diverse events, alliance forging, and a vibrant multiplayer community, King of Thrones app offers an exciting and immersive gaming experience. Download now and establish your rule as the true ruler of the world.



  • I've been playing it for a few hours so far so good
    2024-06-07 15:11:28
  • Its good for a phone version
    2024-06-07 00:18:23
  • Love this game. Can be pay to win.
    2024-06-06 18:33:19
  • Excellent Timepass game
    2024-06-06 17:01:43
  • It's are great game you learn as you play
    2024-06-06 12:34:20
  • Good game. Just getting into it but i like it
    2024-06-06 11:24:24