King of Defense 2: Epic TD

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Welcome to King of Defense 2: Epic TD, the thrilling sequel to the popular Battle Frontier game. Get ready for epic battles as you face off against new heroes, turrets, and invaders. The core gameplay remains the same, with the combination of turrets being crucial to your defense strategy. But now, you also have powerful heroes with combat skills that will aid you in defeating the enemy. Protecting your kingdom requires careful planning and unique tactics. Role-play as heroes, gather power, and awaken their potential to become legendary. Explore frozen lands, scorching deserts, divine realms, and enchanted kingdoms, defending them from ferocious monsters. With stronger turret fusion, new game modes, and challenging enemies, this tower defense game will keep you hooked. Immerse yourself in high-definition graphics and a captivating soundtrack as you embark on this thrilling adventure. Download now and become the ultimate hero!

Features of King of Defense 2: Epic TD:

- Diverse Turrets: Experience a stronger turret fusion with new turrets that offer unique abilities. Strategically place them to defend your kingdom from invaders.

- Enhanced Heroes: Unlock and play as new heroes with improved combat skills. Earn support items in battle to enhance their abilities and dominate the enemy.

- Varied Game Modes: Choose from a variety of game modes to suit your style. Whether you prefer a challenging experience or a more casual gameplay, King of Defense 2 has something for everyone.

- Challenging Enemies: Encounter a multitude of enemies with rich and unique abilities. Their wide range of attacks will test your tower defense skills to the limit.

- Stunning Graphics: Immerse yourself in high-definition graphics that bring the frozen lands, scorching deserts, and charming kingdoms to life. The visually appealing artwork will enhance your gaming experience.

- Captivating Soundtrack: Enjoy a lively soundtrack that sets the mood for epic battles and adventure. The immersive audio will keep you engaged throughout the game.


King of Defense 2: Epic TD is a must-have app for tower defense fans. With its exciting features, diverse gameplay modes, and captivating visuals, this game offers hours of entertainment. Download now and become the legendary hero who protects the peaceful land from ferocious monsters.