Merge Defense 3D

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Merge Defense 3D is a captivating app that combines the best elements of tower defense, puzzle-solving, and strategic thinking. Get ready to train your brain and have a blast while defending your territory against relentless enemies! Unlike other games, Merge Defense 3D challenges you to think ahead and make predictions by calculating and multiplying numbers. Merge defenders with the same numbers to boost their power and become an unstoppable force. Collect keys to unlock new defenders and gems to unleash powerful tools and power-ups. With no time limit and absolutely no pressure, this game offers a blissful, addictive experience. So, why wait? Immerse yourself in this ultimate mix of tower defense, shooter, and merger games and prepare for endless hours of entertainment. Plus, it's completely free!

Features of Merge Defense 3D:

⭐️ Easy to play but challenging tower defense game - Suitable for all levels of players, offering a fun and engaging experience.

⭐️ Numbers-based gameplay - Enhances brainpower by exercising calculation and multiplication skills.

⭐️ Strategic thinking - Encourages players to think ahead, analyze enemy movements, and make predictions to ensure victory.

⭐️ Merge to become stronger - Allows merging of defenders with the same numbers to upgrade their power, providing a sense of progression and strategy.

⭐️ Various power-ups and tools - Collect Keys to get more defenders and Gems to unlock power-ups and tools like freeze, bluster, and time killer, adding excitement and versatility to gameplay.

⭐️ Time fly by - Offers addictive gameplay that keeps players entertained and engaged for hours on end.


Immerse yourself in the ultimate mix of tower defense, shooter, and merger games with Merge Defense 3D. This exciting app not only provides an enjoyable gaming experience, but also sharpens your brain with numbers-based gameplay. With its strategic thinking elements and the ability to merge defenders to become stronger, this app keeps you engaged in a challenging yet rewarding adventure. Collect power-ups and tools to augment your gameplay, and experience the thrill of surviving as long as you can. Don't miss the opportunity to train your brain while having fun - download Merge Defense 3D now!



  • Ads are ridiculous. Incredibly ridiculous. You get an ad every few moves. Sometimes you're lucky and get one that you can click out of immediately but mostly it's 10-30 second ads. I really liked the game but the ads are a paywall.... You can give them money to remove ads and make the game actually playable but that is really lame. Oh and you can't play offline because they REALLY want you to watch the stupid ads. They reply to reviews saying they need the ads lol no game has this many! Ever.
    2024-06-05 21:57:05
  • This game is so stupid. It sounds easy but it's ridiculous, I'm trying to make it to 1,000 but you guys only give a max of 4 shooters and they are level at 4 most of the time and the blocks you shoot are 32 and higher, the amount of ads I watched to be revived just to make it to score 80 was over the top. I'm deleting this game and for warning anyone not to download this. Waste of time.
    2024-06-05 04:44:28
  • Game isnt terrible, but its boring. One demensional, barely can be classified as strategic, and the add are BEYOND intrusive. Overall not worth looking at unless you want to spend $3 to get add free in which case you will be buying a very very boring game with no upgrades for time spent playing. Its the same thing over and over then you die and restart at level one and do it again.
    2024-06-05 02:29:12
  • Game would be fun, but it's literally just a game created for cash, ads populate the game, even when you turn your data off, when you decline to watch an ad for extra cash, you watch the ad anyway. Additionally, if I want to play the game again after passing 100, which happens every single time I play, I have to uninstall and reinstall each time, it stops working consistently after 100.
    2024-06-04 23:57:07
  • Fun game, but 30sec of gameplay for 30 sec of ads is just not worth it. It's to the point where you may as well watch every "optional ad" since you'll get one either way. After every big fight, if you die, boss fight. Just makes the game unenjoyable and not willing to put money or time towards a game I don't enjoy. Would consider getting ad free but can't even okay enough to try it out. Shame
    2024-06-04 21:01:36
  • This game... First the AdS which are forced every single second, so much to the point i had to keep closing and reopening the app so i didn't have to watch them, plus in the game they lack giving you the keys you need so you have to watch a thousand ads just to get them or the game gets very hard, this is a fun challenging game when it's fair... But overall not really a great experience with it, game is kinda fun though but yeah...
    2024-06-02 19:24:31