Railroad Empire: Train Game

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Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of railroad empire-building with Railroad Empire: Train Game, a captivating train simulator mobile game that delves into America's rich railroad history. In this game, you're not just playing a train game; you're recreating an industrial revolution, step-by-step. Become a pioneer of American railroads and strategically expand your empire by absorbing other railway companies. Work with famous American figures who will share their building ideas and help you shape the architectural monuments that define America. Collect legendary locomotives, connect cities, control resources, and develop your empire while enjoying intuitive controls and beautiful graphics. Join the ranks of railway tycoons and download it today!

Features of Railroad Empire: Train Game:

- Pioneer of Railroads: Become the pioneer of American railroads and build your own empire by absorbing other companies.

- Work with Famous Personalities: Meet and work with famous American figures who will share their building ideas and help you deliver resources.

- Collect Legendary Locomotives: Gather a fleet of iconic trains, upgrade them, and add new ones to your collection.

- Develop Cities and Build Factories: Connect cities, provide them with resources, and develop them to increase wealth.

- Control Resources: Produce, manage, and deliver resources efficiently across your entire railway network.

- Intuitive Controls: Easy to play with intuitive controls and a beautiful environment.


Railroad Empire: Train Game combines the excitement of a train simulator with the strategy of an empire-building game. The app allows you to experience the history of American railroads and create your own empire. Working with famous personalities, collecting legendary locomotives, and developing cities are just a few of the immersive features. The app provides an enjoyable and meditative gameplay experience with its detailed graphics and intuitive controls. If you are a fan of train games, Railroad Empire is an enticing choice to download and join the ranks of railway tycoons. Start building your railroad empire today!



  • Good game, but there are a few bugs. 1st (and probably the most important) it doesn't save the progress always. 2nd, sometimes after completing the level, the task icon stays there and floats around the world (always stays on the same screen position). Restarting the game fixes the 2nd issue, but sometimes triggers the 1st one
    2024-06-05 15:01:37
  • Where the hell is the next levels. U keep sayin they comin but still waiting. Once new levels then I mite change my recommendation
    2024-06-05 14:46:38
  • My first time playing a train game and I loved it. Too bad it was short. You can do so much with this. Pick up passengers my travel through skyline drives with mountain sceneries passing Waterfalls. Capturing wildlife. Just so much. I hope you have an update soon. You know what would make it cool? If you get train company invest in your game and people could win tickets to travel when they reach a certain level. Just don't forget who gave you that idea lol.
    2024-06-04 17:36:12
  • I have reached level 10 max level and new area is getting unlocked at level 11 there are no more missions to do What is next ???
    2024-06-04 08:56:51
  • I love this game! I love the graphics, the scenery, it's fun, doesn't cost anything so far and you can make progress. Gutted that I've reached level 10 and we have to wait for new maps. Was looking forward to linking all the states eventually....
    2024-06-03 20:21:11
  • surprised I even found a ripoff of train station 2, and it's actually good! one problem, the coaches to pick up cash look unrealistic, could you maybe fix them to look a bit more stylish, and fix the LNER A3 because it looks like a mini LNER off-brand toy. That's all. edit: if you finish the whole game could you add a freeplay mode after you finish the whole game?
    2024-06-03 02:14:18