Summoners Greed: Idle TD RPG

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Summoners Greed: Idle TD RPG is an engaging and addictive idle tower defense game that will test your strategic skills. As the greatest summoner in the land, you have managed to steal the King's priceless treasure and bring it to your lair. However, the King is not happy about it and has unleashed his army of valiant heroes to retrieve what is rightfully his. Your task is to defend your loot by uniting your towers and casting powerful spells against endless waves of heroes. You can also summon monsters and minions to aid your defense. With stunning graphics and unique gameplay, Summoner's Greed offers a fresh and exciting TD experience. Can you protect your treasure from the King's army and emerge victorious?

Features of Summoners Greed: Idle TD RPG:

❤️ Unique TD RPG Gameplay: Unite towers and cast powerful spells to defend against waves of heroes.

❤️ Collect and Summon Monsters: Earn magical orbs to call forth a variety of monsters, each with their own abilities.

❤️ Upgrade Towers: Increase the effectiveness of your towers to withstand the onslaught of heroes.

❤️ Defeat Enemy Heroes: Battle against a variety of enemy heroes, each with their own unique skills.

❤️ Use and Upgrade Spells: Cast powerful spells to destroy enemies, rebuild defenses, and strengthen your minions.

❤️ Original Graphics: Enjoy a visually striking game with unique graphics for a refreshing TD experience.


Summoners Greed: Idle TD RPG is an addictive TD RPG game that offers a unique and exciting gameplay experience. With its engaging storyline, collection of monsters, and powerful spells, players can immerse themselves in defending against waves of heroes and bosses. Upgrade towers, defeat enemy heroes, and utilize spells to protect your precious loot. With its original graphics and captivating gameplay, Summoners Greed is a must-play for fans of tower defense games.



  • If you have an android phone and change phones, you will have to start over from the beginning. Your data will not be saved, and neither will your purchases. Just average customer service when restoring purchases, and your save data will still not be recovered.
    2024-05-14 17:28:33
  • Ok the game is great in all but I lost alot of progress this morning when I woke up I opened the game and saw that I was back at map 4 when I already at map 6 though I only lost a days worth of griding it was alot of progress I just hope that it does not happen again pls check on that ty
    2024-05-14 17:09:36
  • Very good game. I have no idea how the developers put a offline earning feature. My only complaint is that you have to play for a long time in order to unlock some features. Overall, very good game
    2024-05-14 11:54:16
  • I played the game for a few months and made some purchases then reinstalled the game to find all my progress has been lost with my purchase a sad thing to see indeed tought to come and pick it up again but love the devs to props to them
    2024-05-13 16:27:37
  • It's a really good game. I like it it's just very expensive. Very I spent $200 on this like. This is expensive for what like you know? Imaginary reason should this game be this expensive but again like I said, it's a really good game. You should try it, but it's expensive. It's gonna be a good good minute. Maybe like what a good 2 weeks of you playing this game to get. A legendary. But still good.I'm all over it down the four stars because it's very expensive I'll feel love you byeeeeeeey <3 me
    2024-05-13 05:36:35
  • Fiarly good tower defence game with a cute art stile. One thing it does is every once in while it gives you an option to watch an ad for a recorce amd as far as i saw no forced ads.
    2024-05-13 00:52:51