Puzzles & Chaos: Frozen Castle

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Welcome to a world of frozen lands and ancient legends with Puzzles & Chaos: Frozen Castle, a captivating match-3 fantasy strategy game. In this once prosperous continent, strange magic has transformed everything into ice and brought forth the undead. As a skilled warrior, your mission is to break the frozen seal, awaken the mighty dragon, and rebuild your homeland. Engage in thrilling match-3 battles where every move counts, unlocking powerful hero skills to defeat your enemies. Explore a vast, mysterious map to gather resources and strengthen your troops. Customize your castle's layout, form alliances with other players, and even raise your very own dragon companion. Embark on a legendary adventure and fulfill your destiny in Puzzles & Chaos!

Features of Puzzles & Chaos: Frozen Castle:

⭐️ Match-3 Battles: Engage in thrilling battles by matching magic tiles to unleash powerful hero skills. Strategically choose your moves to defeat your enemies.

⭐️ Explore the Unknown: Embark on an exciting journey through a vast map filled with mysteries and adventure. Visit the Seer's Hut to gain valuable resources and gain an advantage in your quest.

⭐️ Make Strategic Deployments: To conquer the undead, assemble a formidable army of heroes and trained units. Plan your deployments wisely and develop a powerful squad to secure victory.

⭐️ Free Construction: Unleash your creativity by customizing the layout of your castle. Build and place buildings wherever you desire, creating a unique and personalized stronghold.

⭐️ Unite With Allies: Team up with fellow warriors by creating or joining an alliance. Experience the joy of cooperation as you join forces to defeat enemies and share resources with your allies.

⭐️ Raise the Dragon: No magical world is complete without legendary dragons. Harness the immense power of the dragon by claiming your own Dragon's Egg. Command this awe-inspiring creature in battle and become unstoppable.

In conclusion, Puzzles & Chaos is an immersive match-3 fantasy strategy game that combines exciting battles, exploration, strategic deployments, free construction, alliance cooperation, and dragon-raising. Embark on an epic journey to unlock the secrets of the Frozen Land and rebuild your homeland. Download now and unleash your strategic talents to save this ancient kingdom.



  • The game is fun but if any bug is caused by the game and no fault to your own good luck getting staff to deal with it or to replace it. Their customer service is very poor and even when they don't resolve your issue they will still ask you leave them a very satisfied face regardless.
    2024-04-03 16:07:43
  • This game is addicting. Download it from game earning $$ app. But since I download the game Im stuck. Lol. The graphics are awesome. And like the pointer when I'm lost in the game in what to do next
    2024-04-03 07:41:14
  • It's not a bad game, but the in-game purchase process is irretrievably broken. Customer support is ridiculously slow, and when they do respond useless. By all means, play the game but do not under any circumstances pay money for it. UPDATE: This is exactly the kind of nonsense response you get from their online customer service.
    2024-04-03 07:02:50
  • Horrible leveling up heroes. AND the heroes do NOTHING for your power when you attack monsters....terrible...graphics are good, leveling up main character is good, but heroes are HORRIBLE!!!
    2024-04-02 23:28:00
  • Fun game. Familiar concept to he honest. I think it would be better if the screen was rotated horizontally instead of having to hold the phone vertically.
    2024-04-02 19:10:46
  • lots of fun. very typical, slow build. if you're patient, it won't cost a lot but spending money will make you progress faster.
    2024-04-02 13:45:33