Tam Quốc Chí-Chiến Lược

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Welcome to Tam Quốc Chí-Chiến Lược, a groundbreaking strategy game developed by KOEI TECMO and officially released in Vietnam! Step into this ancient 3D battlefield and become a warlord in the chaotic era of the Three Kingdoms. Starting from nothing, recruit famous generals, command armies, and forge alliances with 200 comrades. Utilize the terrain to your advantage, launching surprise attacks and overpowering formidable enemies. Engage in epic battles with thousands of soldiers, conquer the city of Lac Yang, and proclaim yourself the ruler of Nine Provinces. Join 80 million strategic minds and ignite the flames of war across the land of the Three Kingdoms. Prepare yourself for an exhilarating journey to unite the realm and claim ultimate victory!

Features of Tam Quốc Chí-Chiến Lược:

1) Realistic battle experience: Experience intense and passionate battles, command a team of skilled soldiers, lead allied forces, and engage in epic 200VS200 battles. Fight for control of strongholds, conquer enemy territories, and make your way to the heart of Lac Duong to become the ultimate ruler of the Three Kingdoms.

2) Build and defend your fortress: Utilize the vast map to construct fortresses, recruit soldiers, gather resources, and upgrade your stronghold. Develop a powerful army of hundreds of thousands of warriors and expand your territory at will.

3) Diverse and strategic formations: Choose from over 200 generals and 600 combat tactics to create a formidable army, dominate the Three Kingdoms, and become a legendary conqueror. With five different military units, strategically counter your opponents and recreate the authentic battles of ancient times.

4) Exploit the terrain: With a map consisting of 225 million squares, every inch is a true representation of mountains and rivers. Take advantage of the terrain and unleash clever tactics. Trick your enemies by sending diversionary forces to the eastern mountains, while your main army launches a surprise attack from the western river. Use the terrain to your advantage and achieve victory against all odds.

5) Forge alliances and wage diplomacy: Form alliances with up to 200 brothers to enhance your power. Collaborate with your allies to outsmart formidable opponents, exploit weaknesses, and dominate the battlefield. Unleash the true allure of strategic warfare in the Eastern realm.

6) Immerse yourself in a world of 80 million ambitious strategists: Step into the authentic battlefield where 80 million players have converged. Ignite the flames of war and conquer the entire land of the Three Kingdoms.


Join the epic journey of Tam Quốc Chí-Chiến Lược, a masterpiece of strategic warfare. Engage in thrilling battles, build and defend your fortress, create powerful formations, exploit the terrain, forge alliances, and experience the excitement of a war-torn ancient world. Embrace your role as a cunning strategist and conquer the Three Kingdoms. Download now and unleash your strategic prowess.



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