Call Me Emperor-Collab!

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Call Me Emperor-Collab! is the ultimate palace-sim mobile game that offers a unique and immersive experience in the ancient palace. With supreme power at your disposal, you can navigate dangerous power struggles, capture the hearts of beautiful girls, gather powerful ministers, find a soulmate, design your own villa, and participate in various contests and events. Explore interactive gameplay like attending banquets, holding maidenselections, raising babies, and decorating your Imperial Villa. Unleash your true dragon emperor potential by completing dragonization challenges and unlocking gripping Qing Emperors' stories. Join the Call Me Emperor-Collab!community now and download the game to embark on an unforgettable ancient royal journey.

Features of this app:

- Power Struggle: Resolve dangerous power struggles and become the strongest.

- Romantic Harem: Encounter girls in travel, capture their hearts, and enrich your love story.

- Interactive Gameplay: Attend banquets, hold maidens selections, raise babies, find a Soulmate, and decorate the Imperial Villa.

- True Dragon Emperor: Complete Dragonization Challenges, unlock Qing Emperors' stories, and turn them into true dragons.

- DIY Villa: Find a Soulmate, pick Furniture together, and decorate your common Villa.

- Fine Clothes, Various Looks: Consorts and Ministers have new skins, and your costumes can be dyed any color you want.


Immerse yourself in an ancient palace life with the Call Me Emperor-Collab! app. Experience dangerous power struggles, build romantic relationships, participate in interactive activities, and unlock fascinating stories. Customize your Villa, dress up your characters, and embark on a journey to become the True Dragon Emperor. Download now to experience the ultimate royal life!



  • A nice game really, but it gets repetitive and unfair. I played this game for two years and hold lots a love for it, don't get me wrong but I refuse to pay for online games. It is simply impossible to have a truly fun game experience without spending money, for example obtaining a title, skins or a confidante is impossible if you don't pay. The ones that pay will always win, that's just how it works and it's not fair. It also gets repetitive really fast. But it's a good game to kill some time.
    2024-04-04 04:21:40
  • Love the game! The game devs have put out a well thought out game that is both fun and addicting, with beautiful graphics and design. I also enjoy that the layout isn't as cluttered as similar game in the genre. Devs listen to feedback and provide consistent updates. It is more difficult if you choose to not pay for VIP packages, but for me it's part of the challenge. America s86 for the win!
    2024-04-03 16:32:44
  • I thought maybe some of the complains about not being able to level up the ministers were rare flukes, but I've experienced the same thing: I had a level 26 advisor and he suddenly dropped to level 18 and upgrades were taking money but not changing his level. Not sure what type of bug this is, but given that many people are experiencing this problem I sure the developers are already working on a solution.
    2024-04-03 07:00:32
  • Played for one month. The amount I needed to pay to stay competitive was ridiculous. All of the game revolves around outpaying others for advancement resources. Free to play gamers become resentful and have to face many frustrations. New servers get opened all the time and old ones lose players, forcing everyone to start over and over on the hamster pay wheel. You can't have a truly enjoyable experience whether you pay or not, but if you really want to try, you'd better be able to pay big.
    2024-04-02 13:56:35
  • Overall a really enjoyable, well-considered game with beautiful art, fun game play, lots of freebies and quite a bit of interesting background information. Made me read up a lot on the ministers and Qing dynasty history. I also love that you can play as a man or woman and can have consorts of either gender. I particularly like the social aspect - chat options, alliances etc. While there are some aspects only really available to paying players, it is entirely possible to play this game for free.
    2024-04-02 12:06:27
  • Great implementation of all all aspects. But game is in 3 tiers 1. Who don't pay 2. Who can pay some money 3. Who can spend unlimited. It is fun but beyond a point it is all about who can spend more. Hence the scope for planning and strategy (For which a game is played) is very low. This is a huge bummer, it is ok to earn money as a game but unlimited spend limit dismisses the spirit of the game. Moreover event rewards are designed in such a way that even #2 is way less worth than #1 and so on
    2024-04-01 19:42:25