Game Of Thrones: Winter is Coming

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Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming takes you on a thrilling journey through the Seven Kingdoms, where you must battle your way to the coveted Iron Throne. This immersive strategy game brings the epic TV show to life, allowing you to build and fortify your city, create powerful alliances, and assemble a formidable army. With iconic characters from the Game of Thrones universe at your side, each decision and tap of the screen holds the power to shape your destiny. Explore diverse landscapes and climates as you strategize your way to victory in this gripping management game. Join forces with other players, bring honor to your House, and seize control of the Seven Kingdoms. Get ready for the ultimate battle for dominance in Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming.

Features of Game Of Thrones: Winter is Coming:

⭐️ Resource management: The app is a strategy game where effective resource management is crucial to succeed.

⭐️ Objective: The goal of the game is to secure the Iron Throne and gain control over the Seven Kingdoms by strengthening your city and building a formidable army.

⭐️ Gameplay: The gameplay involves constructing and upgrading buildings, recruiting attack units, forming alliances, and engaging in battles. The entire game can be played through taps on the screen, making it user-friendly for touchscreen devices.

⭐️ Inclusion of popular characters and locations: The app includes numerous beloved characters and locations from the Game of Thrones television show, allowing players to interact with them and benefit from their assistance in battles.

⭐️ Collaboration with other players: Players can team up with others to form alliances and work together to conquer and rule the Seven Kingdoms, adding a social and cooperative element to the game.

⭐️ Variety and diversity: The app offers 30 different types of lands and diverse climates, providing an unusual variety within the strategy game genre.


Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming is an engaging and strategic management game that combines resource management, interactive gameplay, and the inclusion of beloved characters and locations from the popular television show. With its easy-to-use interface and collaborative features, it offers a unique and diverse gaming experience that is sure to captivate players. Click here to embark on your journey to rule the Seven Kingdoms and download the app now.



  • PAY2WIN! You cant help your housemembers by sending resources. Developers are too scared for resources being sold so they shut down all help from 1 member to another. Gathering resources is the hardest thing to do and really slows down everything. Only way is to purchase. 5 dollar for 1 million resources. After castle level 15, research starts to cost 10m each resources. You do the math. Transporting resources is not possible anymore after dragon update because of their fear for resellers.
    2024-03-30 13:10:35
  • This Game is so freaking Good! So fast to grow and get stronger even if you're only f2p and it's a lot of fun! Well i hope this will be more a lot of fun when you improve everything like the emojis it's so small can't recognize hard to see LOL.. but overall this is fascinating game!
    2024-03-29 14:47:00
  • This game used to be one where fps players can still survive n grow in power. With the new update, it is now impossible to play. I exited the game with a 10 million power, townhall level 20 account. This is saddening
    2024-03-29 14:41:29
  • A lot of time wasted to make your city strong which also gives a lot of opportunity for the developer to entice you with paying to win, but then at the end of the day, you jave no match to paying players because they're too overpowered.
    2024-03-29 10:09:00
  • I've played Lords Mobile but the graphics can never compare to this game. The speed up system is pretty F2P friendly and the house system as well. Really enjoying this game :)
    2024-03-28 18:24:54
  • Game is expensive to play competitively once you get to high levels. Recent update screwed up my castle defence setup, I filed an issue with customer support demanding some compensation, but no answer from them. No acceptance of responsibility. I will leave the one star review here till this is addressed.
    2024-03-28 09:37:13