Tower Clash

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Welcome to Tower Clash, the ultimate real-time strategy game! Compete with hundreds of thousands of online players as you expand your territory and engage in addictive tower battles. From the creators of Art of War: legions, Tower Clash offers a thrilling gaming experience centered on troops and towers. Improve your battle strategy and timing as you progress through multiple arenas, join alliances, and face new challenges in the campaign mode. With over 120 maps to discover, a variety of troops and unique skills, and stunning graphics, Tower Clash is a must-play game for strategy enthusiasts. Download now and conquer the Master Tower!

Features of Tower Clash:

- Real-time Tower Battles: Engage in thrilling 1v1 battles with players from all around the world. Experience the excitement of real-time strategy as you strategically deploy troops and attack enemy towers.

- Progress through Multiple Arenas: Start from the bottom and work your way up to the top by conquering multiple arenas. Each arena presents new challenges and opportunities for you to showcase your skills.

- Join Alliances: Collaborate and communicate with other players by joining alliances. Together, you can strive to become the top alliance and dominate the Tower Clash world.

- Campaign Mode: Take on new challenges in the Campaign Mode and defeat the formidable Inferno Dragon. Test your strategic abilities and overcome obstacles to emerge victorious.

- Explore Over 120 Maps: Discover a vast array of maps, each with its own unique features and challenges. Explore different terrains and adapt your strategies accordingly to outsmart your opponents.

- Diverse Troops and Skills: Command a wide variety of troops, each with their own unique skills and abilities. Strategically choose the right troops for each battle and unleash their full potential.


Tower Clash is an addictive and immersive real-time strategy game that offers a thrilling tower battle experience. With its easy-to-learn gameplay and continuous improvement of battle strategies, players can embark on an exciting journey to expand their territory and compete with thousands of online players. From engaging in intense 1v1 battles to progressing through multiple arenas, the game offers a challenging and rewarding experience. Join alliances, face new challenges in the Campaign Mode, and explore over 120 maps to test your skills. With its smooth animation, splendid graphic design, and a rich variety of troops and skills, Tower Clash promises to deliver an unforgettable gaming experience. Download now and join the ranks of the world's best Tower Clash players in the Champion League!



  • Brawlers are very OP, but they are only available by pay to play so not reduced :-/. Overall Super fun and addictive!! No ads, pay upgrades optional. It's pretty simple graphics but cute, and has a deeper strategy than casual players may realize. Quick and intense online, real games lasting one to four minutes. Some opponents are players, while some are bots.
    2024-02-07 10:45:57
  • It started out fun in the beginning but the rewards are small and the upgrades are way to high ( for example to get to level 12 on the rare ones it takes 800 of the same troops to upgrade) if you pay you still don't get very much for your money... It's a money pit.. there are only like 3 event and even those rewards are small. Nothing changes in the game to make it better or fun
    2024-02-07 10:32:44
  • I really do like this game so I gave it another try. I had deleted it do to what I thought was some kind mods or cheats . I really think what I experienced was a connectivity issue . So far I've had no problems and I'm back to CLASH ! I just wanted to say thank you to the people who made this game and Merry Christmas !
    2024-02-06 08:35:08
  • Pros: lots of different scenarios. Different troop setups work better/worse vs. different opponents and on different maps. This means the player can't just get an unbeatable troop setup, because one that dominates in one battle can get overwhelmed in another. Also, during battles you need to adjust your strategy (expansion, blitz attack, defense, etc.) based on opponents. Cons. Some occasional lag issues, but mostly need to get GEMS to advance, which basically must be bought. Pay to play.
    2024-02-05 23:39:20
  • Fun game at the start, but the matching isn't fair a lot of the time. Have to work extremely hard/wait for ages before you get decents troops. Have no idea why they only allow you to play the daily challenge 3 times per day. If they had any commercial sense they would allow you to play it as many times as you wanted and just increase the amount of gems required. Its the best bit of this game and you're opening yourself up for a stronger alternative.
    2024-02-05 14:12:49
  • It is a horrible game and the ratings say it. DONT PLAY. If you are progressing well, they will slow you down and make your troops weak so that you lose 100 trophies in a row. They say the matching is based on trophies, but infact, there are so few players left, you are constantly matched with players that spent 1000s of dollars.
    2024-02-05 02:08:18