Dragon Ridire Chess

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Welcome to Dragon Ridire Chess, a magical app where chess pieces come to life! Experience the thrill of commanding tiny, magical dragons and toy knights that move on their own. Deploy your boardgame pieces in a chess-like style and strategize your way to victory. With various terrains offering different advantages and a range of victory options to choose from, the possibilities are endless. Will you aim to murder the queen, capture the enemy's fortress, eliminate the opposing army, or decimate their dragon ridire? Download Dragon Ridire now and prove yourself as the ultimate strategist! Good luck!

Features of Dragon Ridire Chess App:

- Unique Gameplay: Dragon Ridire offers a refreshing twist to traditional chess by bringing the pieces to life. Imagine controlling magical dragons and toy knights that move on their own!

- Diverse Units: The game includes a variety of units, such as archers, foot soldiers, rooks, knights, bishops, queens, and the powerful Dragon Ridire. Each unit has its own abilities and strengths, adding depth to the gameplay.

- Strategic Terrain: The game features different types of terrain, including grasslands, forests, hills, mountains, and castles. Each terrain offers unique advantages and disadvantages, forcing players to carefully plan their moves and consider defense strategies.

- Multiple Victory Options: At the start of the game, players can choose from different victory conditions. Whether you prefer assassinating the queen, capturing the enemy's fortress, eliminating the opposing army, or decimating the enemy's Dragon Ridire, there's a victory goal for every player.

- Engaging Challenges: Dragon Ridire is not just about moving pieces on a board. It requires strategic thinking, smart tactics, and careful decision-making. Only the best strategist will emerge victorious, making every game a thrilling challenge.

- Immersive Experience: With its magical theme and captivating gameplay, Dragon Ridire offers an immersive experience that will keep you hooked. Whether you're a chess enthusiast or a casual gamer, this app promises hours of fun and excitement.


Dragon Ridire Chess is a unique and captivating app that brings chess pieces to life. With its diverse units, strategic terrain, multiple victory options, and engaging challenges, it offers a refreshing twist to traditional chess. Whether you're a seasoned strategist or a casual gamer, this app promises an immersive experience that will keep you entertained for hours. Download Dragon Ridire now and unleash your inner knight! Good luck!



  • Great! Even better if you added more maps and maybe a way of customising your troops
    2024-01-30 12:37:04
  • Cant open
    2024-01-28 08:18:05
  • Really challenging!
    2024-01-27 15:55:07
  • Complete schlock, the rules are stupid and unbalanced. It's like a child got a hold of a chess set and made up their own rules for each piece.
    2024-01-27 14:58:08
  • Very good game
    2024-01-26 22:43:02