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Relive the good old days with NostalgiaNes Pro Mod! This amazing app allows you to play your favorite NES games with ease. With customizable buttons, you can adjust the size and position of each button to fit your playing style. Save and load your game progress with convenient manual slots and an autosave slot. Share your save states across devices via Bluetooth, email, or Skype. Want to rewind a few seconds and try again? No problem! The rewind feature lets you fix mistakes and conquer those tough levels. Turn your phone into a wireless gamepad and play multiplayer games with friends using the Wi-Fi controller mode. The game also supports the Zapper (light gun) emulation, turbo buttons, PAL/NTSC video modes, and has hardware keyboard support. Capture amazing screenshots during gameplay and use cheat codes to enhance the fun. Get NostalgiaNes Pro Mod now and experience the magic of retro gaming! Please note that ROMs are not included in the app.

Features of NostalgiaNes Pro Mod:

- Customizable Controls: The NostalgiaNes Pro Mod app allows users to adjust the size and position of each button to suit their needs. This feature ensures maximum comfort and control while playing their favorite retro games.

- Easy Game Progress Management: The app provides users with the ability to save and load game progress. With 8 manual slots, complete with screenshots, and an autosave slot, gamers can easily pick up where they left off and never lose their progress again.

- Shareable Save States: Sharing game progress with friends has never been easier. The game allows users to share save states among their devices via BT, mail, Skype, and other platforms directly from the app. This feature enhances the social aspect of gaming and enables users to compete or collaborate with their friends.

- Rewinding Feature: Ever get frustrated by getting killed by a bad guy in a game? With the rewind feature of this game, users can simply rewind the game a couple of seconds back and try again. This innovative feature enhances gameplay and ensures a more enjoyable experience.

- Multiplayer Mode: Turn your phone into a wireless gamepad and play multiplayer games with your friends using the app's Wi-Fi controller mode. This unique feature allows several devices to connect with each other, supporting up to 4 players. Enjoy the thrill of multiplayer gaming wherever you are.


- Are ROMs included in the app? No, NostalgiaNes Pro Mod does not include any ROMs. Users need to obtain their own ROM files separately.

- Can I capture screenshots during gameplay? Yes, the app allows users to easily capture screenshots of the game at any time. Preserve your favorite moments and share them with friends.

- Do cheat codes work with the app? Absolutely! NostalgiaNes Pro Mod supports special cheat codes, adding an extra layer of fun and excitement to your gaming experience.


NostalgiaNes Pro Mod offers gamers a unique and customizable gaming experience. With features like adjustable controls, easy game progress management, and the ability to share save states, this app truly caters to the needs of retro gaming enthusiasts. The rewinding feature and Wi-Fi controller mode enhance gameplay and allow users to enjoy multiplayer gaming on the go. Plus, the app's support for cheat codes and easy screenshot capture add even more excitement to the gaming experience. Download NostalgiaNes Pro Mod today and relive the nostalgia of classic games on your mobile device.