Respect Money Power 2: Advanced Gang simulation

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In Respect Money Power 2: Advanced Gang simulation. Money. Power., you have the chance to become the ultimate criminal mastermind. Rise to the top of the brutal underworld by dealing product and expanding your empire across three regions. Take on cartels, bikers, and rival street gangs, all controlled by advanced AI, in a tactical battle for respect. Manage your soldiers, upgrade your weapons, and secure the best corners in the city. Use spies to locate your rivals' stash houses and strategic drive-bys to weaken your enemies. But be wary; loyalty is crucial, and disloyalty can cost you everything. Settle disputes, promote trusted lieutenants, throw extravagant parties, uncover valuable rumors, intimidate informants, and protect your crew from the authorities with crooked lawyers. With its retro style, Respect. Money. Power. offers an unforgiving simulation of life on the streets, challenging you to make tough decisions and ultimately become the true Original Gangsta. This ad-free, offline, turn-based game is designed to be the least annoying game on the app store with its optimized file size. Are you ready to dominate the criminal underworld and leave your mark on history?

Features of Respect Money Power 2: Advanced Gang simulation:

❤ Dynamic Gang Simulation: Respect Money Power 2 offers a realistic and immersive experience of the criminal underworld. You will need to deal with various challenges and make tough decisions to rise to the top.

❤ Advanced AI-powered Enemies: Test your strategic skills as you face off against cartels, bikers, and rival gangs. The game's advanced AI ensures that your enemies are intelligent and always ready to counter your moves.

❤ Tactical Gameplay: Manage your soldiers, upgrade weapons, and compete for control over the best corners in the city. You'll need to stay one step ahead of your enemies by using spies, drive-bys, and heavy weaponry to protect and strengthen your empire.

❤ Interactive Crew Management: Keep an eye on your men and respond to any signs of disloyalty. Settle disputes, promote lieutenants, throw parties, track valuable rumors, intimidate snitches, and protect your crew with crooked lawyers.

Tips for users:

❤ Plan your moves carefully: In Respect Money Power ❤ every decision matters. Think strategically and weigh the risks before taking any action. Consider the potential consequences and always have a backup plan.

❤ Balance offense and defense: While building your empire, it's crucial to both bolster your defenses and make strategic attacks. Invest in heavy weaponry and train your soldiers to be the toughest on the streets.

❤ Gather intelligence: Use spies effectively to track down your rivals' stash houses and gather valuable information. Knowledge is power, and having the upper hand in terms of information can give you a significant advantage.

❤ Protect your reputation: Respect is everything in the criminal underworld. Handle any disputes quickly and effectively, promote loyal soldiers to positions of power, and throw lavish parties to maintain your status and keep your crew loyal.


Respect Money Power 2: Advanced Gang simulation offers a realistic and challenging gang simulation experience. With its advanced AI, tactical gameplay, and interactive crew management, players will have to use their strategic skills to rise in the criminal underworld. By balancing offense and defense, gathering intelligence, and protecting their reputation, players can build their empire and become the ultimate gangster. Download Respect Money Power ❤ the ad-free and offline turn-based game, now to embark on a journey of power and respect in the gritty streets of multiple cities throughout history.



  • I re-downloaded this app because I stopped playing for a while, and to my delight it had had an update, something I had not been sure was going to happen. I'm still trying to play through my first new game with new weapons (Uzis) but so far the game feels a lot more forgiving than it used to be on account of them. I may have to revisit my review but we'll see.
    2024-07-06 20:40:20
  • Great idea but horrible game experience this game doesnt allow you to get past the first few blocks, enemy players are well equipped and have alot more people when attacking you... it seems like it wants you to fail no room to grow, just horrible im glad i didn't spend any money!!
    2024-07-06 18:43:56
  • Strategy is key! I seriously recommend not spending money on this game until you know how to play. I see a lot of reviews saying that the game forces you to spend $ to win. Not True. Even with buying all the items in the Black Market, without knowing how to play you will still get schooled. If you don't have the patience to learn the game then keep your money and walk away. Great game!
    2024-07-05 05:01:28
  • Great game, though it would be nice if there was an option to auto recruit, or at least return to the recruit screen. Sometimes I accidentally skip the recruit screen without recruiting anyone, so an auto recruit option would fix this
    2024-07-05 03:32:19
  • Actually a great game, thats fun not many ads, and its a great challenge, although sometimes in the late game I often just get bodied by the amount of people the AI has like they dont get arrested or anything. Still fantastic.
    2024-07-05 03:15:36
  • I gave this game 3 stars just because how frustrating it can be, the respect is one of the bad things about this game and just when you lose your soldiers to them not having respect I think the respect idea was absolutely terrible PLEASE take it out I think it will improve this game a lot and make it more possible to come across heavy guns and large arms in the black market and add a bigger map with more gangs that is what would make this game better and add alliances and add more gun types.
    2024-07-04 23:53:40