Talking Ben the Dog

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Introducing Talking Ben the Dog! Meet Ben, a retired chemistry professor who enjoys his peaceful, laid-back life filled with delicious food, refreshing drinks, and reading newspapers. To engage with him, you'll have to be persistent enough to catch his attention and make him put down his newspaper. Once you do, the fun begins! Talk to Ben, tickle or poke him, or even have a full-blown conversation over the phone! But the real excitement happens when you lead Ben to his laboratory. Watch as he transforms into a playful puppy, ready to take on hilarious chemistry experiments. Don't forget to capture your entertaining phone conversations with Ben and share them with your friends.

Features of Talking Ben the Dog:

⭐ Interactive Character: Talking Ben is an interactive dog character that responds to your touch and voice commands. You can poke, slap, tickle, and talk to Ben to engage with him.

⭐ Telephone Conversations: Ben can have a telephone conversation with you. You can press the phone button and have a conversation with him, and even record a funny video of the conversation to share with your friends.

⭐ Chemistry Experiments: Take Ben to his laboratory and enjoy hilarious chemistry experiments. Mix different combinations of test tubes and witness the amusing chemical reactions that occur.

⭐ Funny Reactions: Ben reacts in a funny and entertaining way to different actions. You can fold his newspaper by poking it, poke or slap his face, belly, feet, or hands, and even swipe his graduation picture.

Tips for users:

⭐ Engage with Ben: Spend time bothering Ben and interacting with him to make him responsive. Poke his newspaper until he folds it and then start talking or tickling him.

⭐ Experiment with Chemistry: Take Ben to his laboratory and mix different test tubes to see hilarious chemical reactions. Be curious and explore the possibilities.

⭐ Record and Share: Make the most out of the telephone conversations with Ben by recording funny videos and sharing them with your friends. Create memorable moments and spread laughter.


Talking Ben the Dog is a fun and interactive app that allows you to engage with an intelligent and humorous dog character. With various features like telephone conversations, chemistry experiments, and funny reactions, this app provides endless entertainment. By spending time bothering and interacting with Ben, you can unlock his responsiveness and have a blast poking, tickling, and talking to him. So, download Talking Ben the Dog and enjoy the laughter and joy it brings to your daily life.