Nuclear Tycoon

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Embark on a thrilling journey of wealth and power in Nuclear Tycoon: Idle, the ultimate nuclear business simulation game. As a budding nuclear tycoon, it's up to you to build and manage your very own nuclear power plant. But beware, one wrong move and your plant could explode, jeopardizing both your reputation and fortune. Overcome challenges from rival banking industries, strategically plan your moves, and expand your business to conquer new territories. Explore the virtual world, mine valuable resources, and establish a thriving empire. Upgrade your machinery, double your factory output, and witness your tower transform into a network of interconnected manufacturing plants. With your massive wealth, you'll be unstoppable in the race to become the ultimate nuclear tycoon!

Features of Nuclear Tycoon:

⭐️ Build and expand a nuclear power plant: Start from scratch and build your own nuclear power plant. Expand your land area and strive to become the biggest player in the industry.

⭐️ Business strategy and management: Overcome obstacles posed by competitors in the banking industry. Take a long-term view of the economy and make strategic plans to develop your nuclear business.

⭐️ Explore virtual world and conquer territories: Explore research facilities and abandoned grounds to discover new territories. Conquer these territories and unlock more nuclear models as you progress in the game.

⭐️ Establish a business based on resource extraction: Begin your mining career in the desert and extract valuable resources such as uranium, bismuth, cadmium, and cesium. However, be cautious as the consequences of destruction can be severe.

⭐️ Make a lot of money: Accumulate a sizable fortune through mining and the sale of resources. Take advantage of the open world and collect rent from the towers you have built.

⭐️ Upgrade machinery and increase factory output: Invest in advanced machinery to increase the output of your factories. Use holograms to judge the aesthetics of your nuclear power plant. As you expand and upgrade, explosions begin to generate income.


Nuclear Tycoon: Idle offers a thrilling opportunity to build and grow your own nuclear power plant business. With strategic planning and careful resource extraction, you can become a wealthy tycoon in the industrial world. Explore new territories, upgrade your machinery, and make a lot of money through mining and the sale of resources. Download the app now to embark on an exciting journey towards success and prosperity.



  • Forced ad after 5 minutes. Instant 1 star. And dont come here with the bullcrap about "we gotta earn money", because you have other venues than forcing ads to pop up and cover whole screen. Like voluntary ads that you can click into...
    2024-06-11 12:54:59
  • It's a pretty good idle game, but no ads should mean just that. Trying to justify ads still being in the game by pointing out the fine print is pretty lame.
    2024-06-11 02:40:36
  • Seems interesting and a fun game. But what's with the weird voice acting that sounds like it's from the sims? Either have the voice actors speak English or just remove the voice acting all together.
    2024-06-10 07:49:31
  • This game is very wonderful n so fun.I think It's a great time killer for all of players,but it make it easier to control them when moving them around.Apart from that it's a very brilliant Idle game.So thankies billion for u'r creation..!!@_@
    2024-06-10 06:10:55
  • The game is broken, the machines except the first one doesn't produce resources, it just stops after one round and it's very frustrating
    2024-06-10 03:32:17
  • Sooooo many ads! Press a button in the game, watch an ad. Change screens in the game, watch an ad. There's no real game play, just ad watching.
    2024-06-10 02:10:11