Dog Simulator - Animal Life

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Introducing "Dog Simulator - Animal Life" - the perfect app for animal lovers who want to experience the joy of owning a pet without the responsibility of actually having one. With this free app, you can immerse yourself in the exciting world of virtual dogs and live an adventure-packed life. Choose your favorite breed, make friends with other players and their adorable pets, and even form clans to protect your furry family. As you level up, unlock new breeds and explore stunning 3D environments, from lush forests to bustling cities. And don't forget to take on thrilling challenges and engage in epic battles with other animals. With the multiplayer mode, you can team up with friends and achieve greatness together. Compete for the top spot on the leaderboard and show off your achievements. Don't miss out on all the fun - download now and experience the ultimate doggy adventure in 2020!

Features of Dog Simulator - Animal Life:

❤️ Create and customize your own adorable dog and its family.

❤️ Explore an exciting world with various tasks and adventures.

❤️ Experience 3D graphics and realistic weather conditions.

❤️ Multiplayer mode allows you to play with friends online.

❤️ Earn rewards, unlock new breeds, and craft food for your pet.

❤️ Compete for the top spot on the leaderboard.


If you've always wanted a pet dog but couldn't have one, "Dog Simulator - Animal Life" is the perfect solution. Download the app now and enjoy the experience of taking care of your virtual pet, making friends, and embarking on exciting adventures. Customize your dog's appearance, explore an immersive 3D world, and play with friends online. Don't miss out on the chance to experience the joys of owning a dog in this fun and engaging simulation game.



  • I love this game I played in the start and just came back! But there are bugs like ads not giving what they say they will.
    2024-06-12 02:04:34
  • This game is the best game ever there's SOOOOO much UPGRADES AND I WAS only gone for 2MONTHS!!!!!!!!best game ever so if i could I would give it 100 stars
    2024-06-11 10:33:09
  • I cannot go on the metal stairs when I go on the tire and then the crate and then the trash can one star
    2024-06-10 20:41:52
  • When I joined the peaceful server there was absolutely nobody.ihad to check every server but no one but it's a cool game
    2024-06-10 08:49:38
  • It like im an actual puppy. I love it. It's a fun game. The puppys are so cute.
    2024-06-08 20:03:50
  • This is grate game but you gotta make the bosses health lower and make the dogs bigger.
    2024-06-08 17:44:20