Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG

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Welcome to Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG, the ultimate app for all character collection enthusiasts! If you love collecting fascinating characters and want a break from the same old skills, then this app is perfect for you. Immerse yourself in a rich and immersive world filled with knights from all walks of life. From skilled archers to fierce warriors, you can collect and upgrade a wide variety of knights to create the ultimate team. With endless opportunities for progress and a vast array of unique characters to collect, the potential for adventure and excitement is truly boundless. Don't just listen, jump into the exciting world of Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG and start collecting some amazing characters today!

Features of Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG:

* Wide variety of unique characters to collect: From skilled archers to fierce warriors, there are numerous and unique characters to collect and upgrade, allowing you to create the ultimate team.

* Rich and immersive world: Dive into the exploration of a rich and immersive world filled with knights from all walks of life, offering endless opportunities for progress.

* Exciting pixel graphics: The game is designed with pixel graphics, appealing to pixel enthusiasts and creating a nostalgic and visually appealing gaming experience.

* Daily bonuses and exclusive events: Treat yourself to a huge pile of daily bonuses and enjoy exclusive events that offer sweet rewards and never-ending excitement.

* Upgrade skills and collect exclusive weapons: Upgrade your skills and collect exclusive knight weapons to become the ultimate Unknown Knight. With powerful skills and endless growth, nothing can stop you.

* Synergy effect and customization: Create your own unique Battle Deck Strategy and customize it to your liking. Combine characters from the same position to activate synergy effects and double or triple the skill effects.


Step into the thrilling world of Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG and satisfy your craving for character collection and item hoarding. With a wide variety of unique characters, a rich and immersive world, exciting pixel graphics, daily bonuses and exclusive events, the opportunity to upgrade skills and collect exclusive weapons, and the ability to create your own unique Battle Deck Strategy, this game offers endless possibilities for growth and boundless rewards. Join the knightley pixel squad today and become the legendary Unknown Knight!



  • slow connection issues been haunting me for all times!! my connection it self has no problem, i can play any games without any connection issues except this game.
    2024-06-11 02:19:33
  • It is a very nice RPG game but in areas you do stuck every once in a while But my main thing I want is MORE JEWELS and may I ask 1 more thing When will you guys going to make more coupon codes I NEED MORE COUPOUN CODESSSSS I'm not say this in aggression it's just for fun
    2024-06-10 22:00:26
  • Good game however needs improvement Concept ✓ - synergies and comps are quite good, meta heroes dominates one sidedly, would be nice if there are nerfs and buffs Graphics ✓ - Quite good, can be optimized further by adding QoL updates (you know it dev) Gacha ✓ - I hope banner would repeat, every banner is a new banner, only whales got to buy every banner Top up✓ - Give a nice cheap deal like 13k gems a week for like 2 bucks, would encourage players to buy unlike the 30 buck deal ... Pricey!
    2024-06-10 12:09:44
  • gameplay, art, is good, server is slow, like super slow, game need to be optimized, for a pixel game it eats a lot of memories and cpu, daymm (its like playing AAA graphic game with full setting lmao)
    2024-06-09 10:58:05
  • So far been playing it for a good week and i see no problem actually the story is good characters are well designed(my personal opinion)and i think am a bit addicted to this game its soo good keep the good work!
    2024-06-09 02:08:10
  • I have been playing this game since Ernst roll era. I must say that I have never stopped and even bought that ads pass. This game is fun and worth it to play. I love how the game work and the pixel art is lit! Though there's some issues I'm facing like the English translation to the story and Ive's OPnes, I would still give this game 5 stars.
    2024-06-08 23:40:54