Pet World - My animal shelter

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Pet World - My animal shelter is a fun and engaging app that allows you to create your own virtual animal shelter. With a variety of adorable animals to care for, including dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, and more, you'll have your hands full with this charming game. Take on the responsibility of looking after these lovable creatures, ensuring they are fed, clean, and happy. Find new homes for them and meet their specific needs, whether it's medical attention or simply a good brush. The game features stunning 3D graphics, allowing you to explore the shelter and interact with the animals up close. Get ready to immerse yourself in this delightful world of animal care and make some furry friends along the way!

Features of Pet World - My animal shelter:

⭐️ Various types of animals and pets: The app allows users to take care of different animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, horses, reptiles, fish, and more. There are plenty of animals to interact with and learn about.

⭐️ Playful learning: Users can engage in playful learning activities that provide information about different animals. This feature makes the app educational and fun to use.

⭐️ Find new homes for animals: Users have the opportunity to find new homes for animals in the shelter. They can help these animals by examining them, treating them with the help of a vet, and ensuring they are healthy and happy.

⭐️ Animal care simulation: Users can give their little friends fresh water, feed them, and provide clean straw. They can also show love and affection by stroking and brushing the animals. Animal care simulation adds a realistic touch to the app.

⭐️ Impressive 3D graphics: The app features visually pleasing 3D graphics that enhance the overall gaming experience. Users can navigate through the shelter, decorate it with accessories, and interact with animals in a realistic virtual environment.

⭐️ Free gameplay with coin collection: The app offers free gameplay where users can collect coins to unlock more animals. This feature adds a sense of achievement and encourages users to continue playing.


Download Pet World - My animal shelter now and embark on an exciting journey of caring for and helping various types of animals. With playful learning, adorable graphics, and the opportunity to find new homes for animals, this app offers a unique and enjoyable gaming experience. Take on the role of an animal caregiver and show your love and care for these lovable creatures. Explore the Sunflower Animal Shelter and make a difference in the lives of animals. Make sure to download this free game and have fun playing it!