Tiny Airport

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Welcome to Tiny Airport, the ultimate game that puts you in charge of managing an airport and sending planes around the world! If you love the thrill of handling crowds, the excitement of working with airplanes, and the adventure of traveling the globe, then this game is perfect for you. In this high-energy game, you'll be responsible for running a new airport and ensuring the smooth flow of passengers and planes. Send your planes to over 60 real-world destinations and watch your terminal grow as successful flights provide resources to upgrade it. But be careful, because managing your passengers' emotions is crucial for success. Optimize key terminal elements like the check-in desk, boarding gates, and passport control to keep your passengers happy. If they wait too long, they'll become angry and demand a refund. Expand your airport, collect cool planes, and become the best airport manager in the world. It's time to embark on a thrilling adventure in Tiny Airport!

Features of Tiny Airport:

❤️ Manage Flights: Take full control of Departures and Arrivals at your airport, ensuring efficient handling for the best bonus rewards.

❤️ Emotion Management: Keeping passengers happy is a top priority, as angry passengers may demand refunds and leave the terminal.

❤️ Explore the World: A fully interactive 3D world globe with over 60 real-world destinations allows you to travel and discover different regions, each offering unique rewards.

❤️ Expand Your Airport: Utilize your earned resources to construct more gates, check-in lanes, and hangars, enabling you to handle a greater influx of flights and passengers.

❤️ Collect Cool Planes: Unlock distant destinations by acquiring bigger and better planes suitable for long journeys.

❤️ Airport Tycoon Genre: If you enjoy managing crowds, handling airplanes, and traveling the world, Tiny Airport provides a fresh take on the airport tycoon genre.


Jump into the exciting world of Tiny Airport, where you can manage an airport, send planes around the globe, and make sure passengers have a pleasant experience. With diverse real-world destinations to explore, expand your airport infrastructure, and collect amazing planes, Tiny Airport offers high-energy gameplay that will keep you entertained for hours. Download now and become the best airport manager in the world!