PewDiePie's Tuber Simulator

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Welcome to PewDiePie's Tuber Simulator, the game where you can follow in the footsteps of the internet sensation himself, PewDiePie! Create your very own pocket Tuber and work your way up to becoming the biggest and baddest Tuberever. Make videos, gain views, and sub to buy new items such as equipment, furniture, clothes, and even pets! With real voice acting by PewDiePie himself and epic quests to complete, this 2.5D isometric retro-styled game is sure to keep you entertained. Show off your awesome room, connect with friends, play mini-games, and enjoy amazing chiptune music. Download PewDiePie's Tuber Simulator now and let the adventure begin!

Features of this app:

- Create your own pocket Tuber: This app allows you to create and customize your own character, following in the footsteps of PewDiePie.

- Make videos and gain views and subs: You can simulate the life of a YouTuber by making and uploading videos, gaining views, and subscribers. This helps you earn currency to buy various items.

- Real voice acting by PewDiePie: The app features real voice acting by PewDiePie himself, adding to the authenticity and entertainment value.

- Complete epic quests: Engage in epic quests within the game to earn currency quickly and progress in the game.

- Show off your awesome room: The app allows you to showcase your customized room in the game by sharing it online, showcasing your creativity and the items you have acquired.

- Connect with friends and receive swag gifts: You can connect with friends within the app and send or receive swag gifts, adding a social element to the game.


PewDiePie's Tuber Simulator is an entertaining and addictive app that allows users to experience the life of a YouTuber. With its interactive features, customizable characters, and the inclusion of real voice acting by PewDiePie, the app creates an immersive experience for its users. The option to complete epic quests, showcase your customized room, and connect with friends further enhances the gameplay. Overall, this app is a must-download for fans of PewDiePie and anyone looking for a fun and engaging simulation game.



  • I LOVE this game so much. 10/5 just for all the items to design rooms with, and the fact that you can decorate more than one. I also like that I can put items in storage without it taking away the exp points I earned from buying them. I wouldn't call this an idle game though, because you have to start the videos everytime, they aren't exactly automatic.
    2024-06-03 17:13:54
  • it's pretty damn fun. unlike most apps this one doesn't force you to watch ads, but rather rewards you for watching them. making ad watching an option is really nice when you need to jump in real quick to update something. although it's time consuming in the beginning you'll reach a point where you only check it once or twice a day around 20+ levels. but if you wanted to sit down and enjoy it for a bit you always have missions you could go for, room contests you could enter, give it a shot.
    2024-06-03 06:09:56
  • Very simple yet time consuming game! Good if you are looking for a place to pass time. The gameplay is really good, and you never get forced to watch ads. The only time you have to watch ads is when you boost, or to do a new quest. 5/5 and would recommend. If you get tired of waiting for shipment you can change your date and time to make it arrive faster!
    2024-06-03 04:59:49
  • One of the few tycoon games that get it right. Most of the time, tycoon games have bad pacing, either starting new players off too slow, making them feel like they aren't getting anywhere, or they starting new players off too fast, which results in them slowing down mid level. this game's pacing is perfect. The retro graphics are charming. overall 10/10, would by for $399.
    2024-06-03 00:20:34
  • Really good game, love how it uses pewdiepies voice for tips and achievements and love how the ads are completely optional through the whole game, bit hard to level up after a while but if it was easy there wouldn't be a reason for you to come back to the game, lots of waiting for stuff to happen but it all pays out good in the end. Great game. Okay so the latest update to update it to 1.38 got rid of all my progress and when I went to recover it it said I couldn't
    2024-06-02 17:06:08
  • Awesome game. The premise is simple but still fun. The MO is to design rooms anyway you'd like, and you gradually unlock the ability to do so through gaining views, subscribers, and completing challenges. The ads are optional to watch, but at most they're 30 seconds long (most are 15 seconds) and you get rewarded pretty well for it, so I don't really mind. Plus it's nice to support the channel and all those involved with it. Thanks pewds!
    2024-06-02 00:57:16