Idle Outpost

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Welcome to Idle Outpost, the ultimate post-apocalyptic trading post simulator! In this thrilling 2D game, the world has ended, and it's up to you to run a trading post that will determine the fate of humanity. With your management skills, you'll navigate a gritty, immersive atmosphere, fighting off silly zombies when night falls. Start small with a basic outpost in the desert and watch it grow and expand as you earn resources and profits. Journey through various post-apocalyptic locations, from abandoned gas stations to underground vaults, and unlock new challenges along the way. Are you ready to build the most prosperous trading empire in the new world?

Features of Idle Outpost:

⭐️ Post-Apocalyptic Trading Post Management: Run a trading post in a world that has ended, where your management skills will determine survival or extinction.

⭐️ Thrilling Mega-Simple 2D Gameplay: Enjoy a gritty and immersive atmosphere in this easy-to-play game.

⭐️ Fight Silly Zombies at Night: Defend your outpost against hordes of silly zombies when darkness falls.

⭐️ Expand and Upgrade Your Trading Empire: Start with a small scrapyard outpost and gradually grow your trading network, earning resources and profits to upgrade and expand.

⭐️ Explore Diverse Post-Apocalyptic Locations: Venture through arid deserts, lush forests, winter hideouts, and high-tech trading hubs, encountering bandits and unlocking new challenges.

⭐️ Suitable for Various Player Preferences: Whether you enjoy post-apocalyptic and survival-themed games, business simulations, empire building, engaging single-player experiences, or are in search of offline gameplay, Idle Outpost offers it all.


Embark on a journey of survival, commerce, and growth in Idle Outpost, the ultimate post-apocalyptic trading post simulator. In this thrilling 2D game with a gritty atmosphere, your management skills will determine the fate of your outpost. Fight off silly zombies at night and grow your trading empire from a small outpost to a prosperous network, exploring diverse locations along the way. Whether you love post-apocalyptic games, business simulations, or empire building, Idle Outpost provides hours of entertainment. Download now to create the most prosperous trading empire in the new world!