Makeup Show: Makeover Salon

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Welcome to the ultimate Makeup Show: Makeover Salon, where you can bring your wildest makeup dreams to life! In this app, you will step into the shoes of a super stylist, transforming average-looking models into stunning queens of the nightclubs. From choosing the perfect makeup to styling their hair and picking out the trendiest clothes, every detail counts. With a wide selection of eye shadows, eyelashes, hairstyles, and outfits, you have the power to create a complete makeover that will turn heads. And with the ability to save and share your creations, you can show off your fashion design skills to friends.

Features of Makeup Show: Makeover Salon:

- Complete makeover: This app offers a comprehensive makeover experience where you can transform your model from head to toe, focusing on both inner and outer beauty.

- Attention to detail: The app allows you to pay attention to all aspects of the makeover, including face makeup. You can explore different options for eye shadow, eyelashes, and other details to enhance your model's appearance.

- Variety of styles: The app provides a wide range of options for hair and clothing styles, including casual, chic, and elegant looks. You can experiment with different combinations to create the perfect outfit.

- Fashion design: With this app, you can unleash your creativity and become a fashion designer. Explore different outfits and accessories to achieve the most magical makeover for your model.

- Sharing option: After creating the perfect makeover, you can save and share your creation with friends. Show off your fashion design skills and inspire others with your unique looks.

- Easy to use: The app offers a simple swipe interface, making it easy to navigate and combine different elements of inspiration and fashion design. It's user-friendly and suitable for anyone interested in makeover games.


If you've always dreamed of becoming a makeover artist, Makeup Show: Makeover Salon is perfect for you. It offers a complete makeover experience, allowing you to focus on every aspect of your model's appearance. Whether it's choosing the right makeup, hair, or clothing, this app provides a wide range of options to unleash your creativity. Share your masterpiece with friends and become the ultimate fashion inspiration. Don't wait any longer, download this free girl games fashion show now and start your journey as a makeover artist!



  • I like this game and I will be a also a selon artist
    2024-05-17 10:28:17
  • I think this game is very good. And I agree that if you have good taste in fashion you will like this game... Not too many ads though
    2024-05-16 11:07:17
  • It's pretty good to learn how to do makeup and fun for girls i love this game it's very interesting
    2024-05-16 10:27:59
  • I didn't like this game because all the dresses and others are locked and when I press it to see the ads and unlock it , it says the ads are not ready yet and I don't like this
    2024-05-16 07:12:45
  • All the dresses are locked and if I try to play the ad they say that the ad is unavailable every single time
    2024-05-16 01:57:06
  • l love this game so much but I think you can add more options
    2024-05-15 05:47:31