ASMR Doll Fix - Doll Makeover

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Welcome to ASMR Doll Fix - Doll Makeover, the ultimate doll dress up game that brings the joy of doll repair and makeover right to your fingertips! Immerse yourself in a world of creativity and imagination as you breathe new life into worn-out dolls. With various story scenes to choose from, each featuring a unique doll in need of your help, the possibilities are endless. Whether it's cleaning the doll, fixing her hair, or choosing a new outfit, you'll find countless ways to make your dolls shine again. And as you dive into the soothing ASMR sounds of the makeover process, you'll feel relaxed and rewarded. With the added feature of a leaderboard, you can compare your doll's scores with others and unleash your inner dress up master.

Features of ASMR Doll Fix - Doll Makeover:

⭐️ Various story scenes to choose from: Explore different scenarios and settings to immerse yourself in the world of doll dress up.

⭐️ Realistic doll repair and doll makeover mechanics: Experience the satisfaction of fixing and restoring worn-out dolls to their former glory.

⭐️ Soothing ASMR makeover sounds: Relax and unwind as you listen to satisfying sounds while giving the dolls a makeover.

⭐️ Relaxing and rewarding gameplay: Enjoy a calming and fulfilling gameplay experience that will leave you feeling accomplished.

⭐️ Leaderboard for high scores in doll dress up: Compete with other players and see who can create the most stunning dolls.

⭐️ Take photos and compare dolls' scores: Capture beautiful moments and compare your creations with others to showcase your skills.


ASMR Doll Fix - Doll Makeover offers a unique and enjoyable experience for anyone who loves dress up games and simulation games. With its variety of story scenes, realistic mechanics, soothing ASMR sounds, and rewarding gameplay, this app provides a relaxing and creative outlet for doll repair and makeover. Additionally, the inclusion of a leaderboard and photo-taking feature adds a competitive element and the opportunity to share your creations with others. Don't miss out on the perfect ASMR makeover game - install ASMR Doll Repair now and become a master at doll dress up!



  • I love doll repair its so fun when am bored am like am going to play doll repair and me and my friends have it but am done whit all the story s and dolls I hope there are more doll then just then but I love that game!!!!!!
    2024-05-17 10:35:36
  • it's all good the asmr was nice every charactors has a backstory And its interesting some are inspired by a movie or games,when u finish the charactor they made a noises,backgrounds music is good too.
    2024-05-17 07:38:22
  • 4 ads in the first level, all 30 second + ads. Insane. Thought it'd be a ball jointed doll fix up game but that's only the first one. All options for custom fixing are blocked behind ad walls too, so unless you want to spend Triple the amount of time watching ads vs playing, there is literally zero point to this game. The animations are slow and boring. It's a click and drag game but you can barely even click and drag. I'd rate 0 stars if I could
    2024-05-16 18:49:11
  • Love this! I wanted to buy the VIP....WHY? is it so expensive
    2024-05-16 13:05:07
  • The game is enjoyable for the haunted dolls fans, it includes different stories of spirits attached to the dolls, and one of the female dolls even had a boy spirit inside, but the bad attribute is the forced adds which makes the game a bit vexing.
    2024-05-16 05:45:03
  • This is awesome!!! Please come out with more similar to this, possibly statue repair, various toy repair etc etc...
    2024-05-15 05:28:38