Sundae Picnic - With Cats&Dogs

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Welcome to Sundae Picnic - With Cats&Dogs, the ultimate ice cream adventure in the park! Get ready to indulge in the sweetest experience as you make and sell delicious ice cream flavors like vanilla, mint, chocolate, and strawberry, just to name a few. But that's not all - top off your creations with rainbow sprinkles, chocolate chips, wafer sticks, and cherries for the perfect finishing touch. As you whip up these icy treats, you'll befriend adorable cats and dogs that roam the park. If they love your ice cream, they might even join you for a delightful picnic! Remember, some animals can be picky, so keep refining your skills. And speaking of picnics, you can customize your own with over 100 types of picnic furniture, including mats, beach beds, swimming pools, and BBQ party grills. Don't forget the fences and tiles! Plus, stay tuned for upcoming updates that will bring new animal friends, costumes, and mini games to the mix. We care about your feedback, so feel free to contact us anytime with any bug reports or questions you may have. Follow us on Instagram and check out our FAQs for more sneak peeks into the game. Just remember, this virtual world is for enjoying ice cream with our virtual furry friends - no real animals should be fed ice cream. So go on, make the most scrumptious ice cream, create the perfect picnic, and let the sweet adventure begin!

Features of Sundae Picnic - With Cats&Dogs:

- Ice Cream Making: Create and sell different flavors of soft ice cream, such as vanilla, mint, chocolate, strawberry, and matcha. Add toppings like rainbow sprinkles, chocolate chips, wafer sticks, and cherries to make it more delicious.

- Friendship with Cats and Dogs: Interact with cats and dogs that are present in the park. If they enjoy the ice cream you made, they might come over and join your picnic. Keep in mind that some animals can be picky, so cater to their preferences.

- Customizable Picnic Area: Decorate your picnic spot with picnic mats, beach beds, swimming pools, BBQ party grills, and over 100 options of picnic furniture, fences, and tiles. Personalize the area according to your preferences and consider using furniture that animals like.

- Regular Updates: The app content is regularly updated with new features. Look forward to animal gifts, costumes, new animal friends, new furniture, and mini-games that will be added soon.

- User Permissions: The app requires access to photos, media, and files to store screenshots. This allows you to capture and save your favorite moments from the game.

- Support and Feedback: Contact the app developers for any queries or bug reports through Instagram (@sundae.picnic) or email ( Additionally, a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) video is available for quick assistance.


Sundae Picnic - With Cats&Dogs GAME is a delightful and entertaining app that lets you create and sell ice cream in a vibrant park setting. Interact with cats and dogs, customize your picnic spot, and stay updated with exciting new features. Capture memorable moments and seek support or offer feedback through various channels. Download this app and enjoy a fun-filled experience that doesn't require you to feed real animals ice cream. Be cautious and have a great time!



  • Very cute gane it is also very fun and with time you get more perfect. If you are bored you can play it and everytime you get new toppings,flavors etc. Which makes it more engaging and patience is a key rule here. But I would really like to sometimes have the customer ask me to suprise them and make a custom icecream. It is not fun for very long just for a particular amount of time
    2024-04-03 16:31:24
  • I love how it's so cute and I feel really good after playing it you should install it!!
    2024-04-01 14:15:42
  • This is such a cute game. The art style is great and not only do you fill orders for the animals, but you can also decorate and dress them up!!!
    2024-04-01 11:47:19
  • Very At-your-pace game and Free to play! I was worried since this was recommended to me through another game, but this is one game that is simulation with cute pets and furniture that is fun and easy to play. You can watch ads to purchase some things and they are not bad. Ads do not pop up randomly like some games. 100% Recommend
    2024-04-01 11:36:45
  • Simple but engaging. Absolutely adorable art and the game overall is very relaxing to play
    2024-04-01 07:11:22
  • If your an animal lover I would recommend this! This game is really cute! After you unlock and decorate everthing it could get a little boring.
    2024-04-01 06:03:54