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Welcome to "Money tycoon games: idle games", the ultimate idle tapping game that takes you on a wild ride through the wacky adventures of a family trying to get rich quick and become tycoons through harebrained schemes! Help them tap their way to success and fortune in this captivating idle game, starting with a simple family-owned bootleg DVD store and expanding your empire to include unconventional businesses. Hire employees, upgrade your businesses, and overcome challenges to become a billionaire tycoon. Collect cards to unlock new tycoon assistants and enhance their earning potential. Join the official idle game community and take part in thrilling live events for an extra dose of fun. With colorful graphics, wacky characters, and an interesting story, it is sure to keep you entertained for hours. Join the ranks of business tycoons and download now to start your idle money-making adventure!

Features of "Money tycoon games: idle games":

- Idle Tapping Game: The app allows users to tap their way to success and fortune, making it an idle tapping game that can be played effortlessly.

- Variety of Businesses: Starting with a family-owned bootleg DVD store, users can expand their empire and open new businesses to make more money. These businesses range from unconventional choices like a gas station to more conventional options like a CD store.

- Upgrade and Automate: Hiring employees to automate the business processes and upgrading them to keep up with demand is crucial for progress. With each upgrade, users can ascend the ranks of the idle and tycoon games.

- Unique Twist: The app offers a unique twist by introducing collectible cards to unlock new tycoon assistants. These assistants have their own special abilities to manage specific businesses and enhance earning potential.

- Daily Events: The excitement of the game is kept alive with daily events that occur three times a week. These time-limited events provide additional fun and engagement to the idle games experience.

- Colorful Graphics and Interesting Story: With colorful graphics, a wacky cast of characters, and an interesting story, it offers entertainment and engagement for hours on end.


"Money tycoon games: idle games" is an addictive and entertaining idle tapping game that offers a unique twist with collectible cards and tycoon assistants. The variety of businesses and the ability to upgrade and automate processes keep the gameplay engaging and rewarding. With daily events and a captivating story, the app provides hours of entertainment. Download now and embark on the journey to becoming a tycoon in this money-making simulator.



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