Idle Mushroom Garden

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Introducing Idle Mushroom Garden, the ultimate idle mushroom farming simulator that will take your mushroom gardening experience to the next level! With easy gameplay, simply add food and watch your Funghi grow! Swipe to collect and harvest your fully-grown fungi in just a few seconds. But that's not all! Play both the original and seasonal gardening kits side-by-side for double the fun and satisfaction. Collect over 300 types of cute, quirky, and unique Funghi and unlock special wallpapers for your smartphone. Immerse yourself in this popular idle mushroom farming simulator from Japan and enjoy a satisfying and relaxing gaming experience. Perfect for fans of cute characters, Japanese culture, farming simulators, and collectors looking for new discoveries. Download Idle Mushroom Garden now and start growing your own mushroom empire!

Features of this app:

- Mushroom Gardening Anytime, Anywhere: The app allows users to easily play and grow mushrooms by simply adding food and watching them grow. It is convenient and can be played at any time.

- Double the Fungi Farming: The app offers both original and seasonal gardening kits, providing double the fun and satisfaction for the users.

- Collect 'em All!: The app allows users to discover over 300 types of cute, quirky, and unique Funghi. There is a Funghi Museum and Library to keep track of the Funghi collected.

- Cute Wallpapers for your Phone: By completing the Request Panel, users can unlock special wallpapers for their smartphones. There are a total of 100 designs to collect.

- Easy to play and attract users: The gameplay is simple, making it easy for users to understand and play. The cute and lovable character "Funghi" and the appeal of Japanese culture attract users to click and download.

- Satisfying and relaxing experience: The app provides a satisfying and relaxing experience for users who enjoy farming simulators or idleness. It offers a break from busy lives and allows users to engage in a calming activity.


From the convenience of playing anytime, anywhere to the option of growing mushrooms using different gardening kits, the app ensures double the fun and satisfaction. The collection aspect of discovering over 300 cute and unique Funghi adds to the appeal, and users can unlock special wallpapers for their smartphones. The simplicity of gameplay and the attractiveness of the Japanese culture and cute characters make the app easy to read and click for download. Overall, Idle Mushroom Garden offers a satisfying and relaxing experience for users seeking an idle game to fit their busy lives.



  • once you get your first batch of mushrooms you will want to strategies ways to proseed in ways that will make your little mushrooms guys grow more wonderfully by upgrading, collecting and discovering. trust me you'll have lots of fun (;
    2024-04-05 02:14:34
  • best mushroom garden as of 2033
    2024-04-03 16:20:12
  • fantastic. so may fun guys! it's a pretty passive game, but I've been playing for a long while. would reccomend.
    2024-04-03 12:01:09
  • Had data transfer but then I tried to data transfer it would cut off one letter so I couldn't login.
    2024-04-03 05:25:02
  • The game is fun, it looks good, and overall a good game. It's not complicated, and the art is funny looking.
    2024-04-02 13:24:50
  • No settings. Not well or fully translated. Tutorial is too long and too forced. I would not recommend this game at all.
    2024-03-31 11:55:21