Idle Keeper: AFK Universe RPG

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IdleKeeper: AFK Universe RPG is a captivating new sci-fi idle RPG that offers players an immersive experience filled with unique characters, endless progression, and strategic formation-based combat. With its innovative idle mechanics and rich worldbuilding, IdleKeeper brings a fresh take to the idle RPG genre that has appealed to players everywhere. The game immerses players in a multiverse battle against a malevolent AI. Players take command of the Valkyrie faction and their elite squad known as the Keepers. Collectible Keepers offer depth and variety in character customization, allowing players to spend hours optimizing their squad. The game also features a strategic formation system that enhances tactical gameplay in battles. With its visually striking sci-fi aesthetic and animations, IdleKeeper delivers a visually stunning experience. Players can also join guilds and interact with the community through in-game chat, offering a social experience. With unlimited potential for progression and tons of customization options, IdleKeeper has captured the imagination of idle RPG fans. Download now and immerse yourself in this apocalyptic sci-fi adventure to save the multiverse!

Features of this App:

- Captivating Sci-Fi RPG: IdleKeeper: AFK Universe RPG offers players a captivating sci-fi RPG experience with immersive storytelling and unique characters.

- Endless Progression: The game provides endless progression with a variety of heroes to collect, upgrade, and equip with powerful skills and gear.

- Strategic Formation-based Combat: Players can strategically position their heroes in formations to maximize synergy and unlock combo effects in battles.

- Visually Striking Aesthetic: IdleKeeper features a visually striking sci-fi aesthetic with neon-bathed interfaces and stylish battle animations that add to the immersive experience.

- Social Experience: The app offers opportunities to join guilds and interact with the community through in-game chat, allowing players to collaborate and share their achievements.

- Innovative Formula: IdleKeeper brings a fresh take to the idle RPG genre with its innovative idle mechanics and rich world-building, keeping players engaged for hours of gameplay.


IdleKeeper: AFK Universe RPG is a captivating sci-fi idle RPG that stands out among its competitors. With its immersive storytelling, unique characters, and endless progression, it offers a compelling gaming experience. The strategic formation-based combat adds depth to battles, while the visually striking aesthetic enhances the overall immersion. The social experience provided by guilds and community interaction adds another layer of engagement for players. Overall, IdleKeeper's innovative formula sets it apart in the genre and makes it an attractive choice for idle RPG fans. Download now and embark on an apocalyptic sci-fi adventure in the multiverse!



  • It became my favorite game to raise!!
    2024-04-01 16:16:29
  • Lots of coupons, fun. Quick to update.
    2024-03-31 22:47:40
  • Fb or disc?
    2024-03-31 09:27:18
  • easy game, easy quest. gg
    2024-03-30 15:35:51
  • good keeper
    2024-03-29 10:10:17
  • Game seems good for a fresh start , but you get bored real quick since there is no pvp or online event. It would be good if get some events and pvp battle.
    2024-03-29 02:00:55